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The Mora knife is a versatile and essential tool for survival, bushcraft, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is a fixed-blade knife that originated in Sweden and has gained popularity worldwide. The Mora knife is known for its high-quality carbon steel blade, which is durable and easy to sharpen. It is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for camping, hiking, and wilderness adventures. The knife's ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and controlled cutting. With its affordability and reliability, the Mora knife has become a staple in the outdoor community, serving as a reliable companion for various tasks such as carving, cutting, and preparing food.


  1. „I love using my Mora knife when I go camping. It's so versatile and makes tasks like cutting firewood and preparing food so much easier.“

  2. „My friend recommended the Mora knife to me and I'm so glad I bought one. It's become an essential tool in my outdoor adventures.“

  3. „During our survival training, our instructor taught us how to properly use a Mora knife for various tasks like carving, feathering, and notching.“

  4. „I always keep my Mora knife in my backpack whenever I go hiking. You never know when you might need it for emergency situations or basic wilderness tasks.“

  5. „I recently upgraded to a new Mora knife with a stainless steel blade. It's incredibly sharp and durable, making it perfect for all my bushcraft needs.“


The Mora knife is a type of fixed-blade knife that originated in Sweden. It is named after the town of Mora, located in the Dalarna region of central Sweden. The knife has a long history and is deeply rooted in Swedish culture.

The Mora knife has been used by the people of Sweden for centuries, primarily for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and woodcarving. Its design and functionality have evolved over time to meet the needs of the users.

The origins of the Mora knife can be traced back to the 17th century when it was primarily used as a utility knife by the local farmers and craftsmen. The knife was simple in design, with a single-edged blade and a wooden handle. It was known for its durability and versatility.

Over the years, the Mora knife gained popularity not only in Sweden but also among outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Its reputation for being a reliable and affordable tool for survival and bushcraft activities spread, leading to its widespread use and recognition.

Today, the Mora knife is manufactured by several companies in Sweden, with each brand adding its own unique features and improvements to the original design. Despite the variations, the core characteristics of the Mora knife remain the same – a sharp and sturdy blade, a comfortable handle, and a lightweight construction.

Whether you are a seasoned survivalist or a beginner in the world of bushcraft, the Mora knife is a trusted companion that can assist you in various outdoor tasks. Its rich history and practicality make it a popular choice among those who appreciate the art of wilderness living.


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Historical and cultural importance

The Mora knife, also known as the Morakniv, has a rich historical and cultural significance in the world of bushcraft and survival. Originating from Mora, a small town in Sweden, the Mora knife has been used by generations of Scandinavian outdoorsmen and has become an iconic tool in the wilderness.

The history of the Mora knife dates back to the late 19th century when it was first produced by the knife-making company, Frost-Eriksson. Initially designed as a simple utility knife for everyday tasks, it quickly gained popularity among hunters, fishermen, and woodworkers due to its durability and versatility.

Over the years, the Mora knife has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Its design features a high-carbon steel blade, typically around 4 inches long, with a Scandinavian grind, making it easy to sharpen and maintain in the field. The handle is traditionally made from birch wood, providing a comfortable grip even in wet conditions.

What sets the Mora knife apart is its affordability without compromising on quality. It has become a staple tool for survivalists, bushcrafters, and campers worldwide due to its reliability and performance in various outdoor tasks, such as carving, whittling, and preparing food.

Furthermore, the Mora knife has become deeply ingrained in Scandinavian culture, representing a connection to nature and the outdoors. It is often associated with traditional crafts, such as woodcarving and knife making, and is considered a symbol of self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Whether you're a seasoned outdoorsman or just starting your journey into bushcraft and survival, the Mora knife is a trusted companion that embodies the spirit of adventure and the skills needed to thrive in the wilderness.

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Mora Knife: The Ultimate Tool for Wilderness Survival

When it comes to wilderness survival, having the right tools can make all the difference. One tool that every survivalist should have in their arsenal is a Mora knife. This versatile and reliable knife has been a staple in the world of bushcraft and outdoor adventure for decades, and for good reason.

History and Design

The Mora knife, also known as a Morakniv, originated in Mora, Sweden, where it has been crafted by skilled artisans since the late 19th century. The knife's design is simple yet effective, with a fixed blade and a comfortable handle made from materials like wood, rubber, or plastic. The blade is typically made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

Functionality and Versatility

One of the key features of a Mora knife is its versatility. Whether you need to carve wood, prepare food, or create a shelter, this knife can handle it all. The sharp and sturdy blade allows for precise cutting and carving, while the ergonomic handle provides a secure grip, even in wet or cold conditions.

Another advantage of the Mora knife is its lightweight design. Weighing in at just a few ounces, it won't weigh you down during long hikes or expeditions. Its compact size also makes it easy to carry and store, whether you attach it to your belt or slip it into your backpack.

Uses in Wilderness Survival

The Mora knife is an essential tool for a wide range of wilderness survival tasks. Here are just a few examples of how it can be used:

  • Firecraft: The sharp blade is perfect for creating feather sticks, striking a ferro rod, or processing tinder.
  • Shelter Building: Whether you need to notch branches, carve stakes, or cut cordage, the Mora knife is up to the task.
  • Food Preparation: From gutting and filleting fish to slicing vegetables, this knife can handle all your culinary needs in the wild.
  • Tool Making: Need to fashion a spear, carve a bow drill set, or craft a fishing hook? The Mora knife is your go-to tool.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity of your Mora knife, proper maintenance is essential. After each use, clean the blade with water and mild soap, then dry it thoroughly. Apply a thin coat of oil to prevent rusting, and store it in a dry place. Regularly sharpen the blade to maintain its cutting edge.


Whether you're an experienced survivalist or just starting your wilderness adventure, a Mora knife is a must-have tool. Its durability, versatility, and functionality make it an invaluable companion in any outdoor setting. So, next time you head into the wild, make sure to pack your trusty Mora knife.

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