You've come to the right place if you want to gain more independence in the wilderness with better knowledge.

Gain comprehensive skills from more than 500 guides on to satisfy all your basic needs and live in harmony with nature.

Martin Gebhardt, Wilderness-Mentor

Free 35 Survival Hacks You'll Love!

Get to know my 35 brilliant survival hacks that will help you keep a cool head in emergency situations and make the right decisions.

35 Survival Hacks: Learn how to survive
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Martin Gebhardt

In each of us flows the heritage of our ancestors, who found their home in nature and found their inner strength. By connecting to these roots, we discover the true wealth within ourselves.

The ultimate Survival Quiz

The ultimate Survival Quiz Test your knowledge

Being stranded in the wilderness might make for a good movie, but in reality it's a harrowing experience. Can you survive this quiz?

Bushcraft Law Test (Germany)

Bushcraft Law Test (Germany) Test your knowledge

Bushcraft is linked to laws in Germany. Test your knowledge now with our bushcraft test on law and order.

Wilderness Survival Quiz

Wilderness Survival Quiz Test your knowledge

In the quiz you will find basic questions that anyone looking for an adventure in the wilderness should know. This quiz tests your preparedness for the wilderness.

The Animal Tracks Quiz

The Animal Tracks Quiz Test your knowledge

With the ultimate animal tracks quiz you can test your knowledge and find out how well you know about the world of wildlife. Are you ready for the challenge?