About the "Survival Kompass" project

Are you interested in who writes here and runs the website?

It's me – Martin.

I have long avoided the forest and nature.

My family always took me with them on boring hikes. It was dull for me. I think it was the compulsion. I always had to go.

But then, as an adult, I gradually discovered nature.

It drew me out into the wilderness.

Survival and bushcraft excite me

After all, I did my first survival course in 2016. Since then, I've also had a passion for bushcraft.

Deep down, I've always felt drawn to nature. It allows me to escape the big city and focus on myself. That feels good.

It doesn't matter whether it's survival, trekking, hiking or bushcraft: I can switch off and find myself.

Activities in nature mean rest, relaxation and contentment for me.

In 2018 I decided that I wanted to write about it. Communicate findings and information to other interested parties. I want to start a conversation and find like-minded people.

Now I am writing the articles here – and other authors are also involved. Guest authors as well as nature-loving people who like hiking, pottering, testing survival techniques or just camping.

My vision

I hope that you end my articles with aha moments.

Or I can motivate you to head out into the wild and try new things.

Yes - I want you to get hungry for nature.

For me, survival and bushcraft means reactivating the knowledge and techniques of lost instincts and skills.

As you develop your skills, you will become freer and more confident.

Nature should be your home. You must not feel like an alien who has just landed on our earth.

In this sense: live close to nature, feel the wilderness.


P. S. You can find my philosophy and my journey to nature in detail in my article "Survive or live? Why I am a wilderness mentor - and not a survival trainer".

I want to help people create a deep connection to nature. It is also important to me to preserve, discover and pass on the knowledge of nature and craftsmanship of our ancestors.

Short biography of Martin Gebhardt

  • Born in 1981, lives in Berlin (Germany) with his wife and two sons
  • Grew up in Thuringia on the Rennsteig and was always enthusiastic about forests, meadows and animals
  • As a teenager he turned away from the forest and worked as a chef, in customer support (in Paris), as a marketing manager and as a freelance software developer
  • With the birth of his first child, he rediscovered his passion for nature
  • Numerous bushcraft and survival projects followed
  • Took and regularly takes bushcraft and survival courses at various wilderness schools
  • One-year training as a wilderness educator based on the "Coyote Guide"
  • One-year tracker training
  • He is currently a freelance book author, blogger, wilderness educator and wilderness mentor
  • Offers programs in adult and children's education

Are you interested in working with me (books, opinions, interviews, etc.)? Then write me an email martin@survival-kompass.de. If you are an entrepreneur, take a look at mine cooperation opportunities.

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“We need to see nature again from the perspective of indigenous peoples in order to conserve it. Only then will we respect nature, wildlife and each other.”