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About the project "Survival Kompass" and "Wildimpuls"

Howdy! Great that you're here.

But who am I actually? Who is behind this website and the Wildimpuls Program?

My name is Martin, a big-city jungle dweller from Berlin, a passionate nature boy, and wilderness educator with roots in the Thuringia Forest (Germany).

Already at the age of six, I was a Robin Hood of treehouses and a wanderer of the forests.

And in the image below you see me in my grandparents' garden – that's where I learned how fire making works.

Martin Gebhardt, wilderness mentor, in the garden as a child making fire

Me as a little boy making fire in my grandparents' garden.

From adolescence, I lost sight of nature and with it almost everything my grandparents and my mother had shown me about nature.

Being an adult often means losing your wild connection.

I almost forgot everything – especially my connection to nature. 🤯

And believe me:

  • I didn't even know how to build a fire properly anymore.
  • I couldn't remember how to carve safely.
  • Other than the birch, I could only identify the oak as a tree.
  • I knew a flimsy knot (I think everyone does).
  • Orientation using cardinal directions was nearly impossible.
  • Edible plants? – I only knew dandelions.

And before I found my way back to nature, I went through various career stages that unexpectedly brought valuable skills for my current job as a wilderness educator.

My professional journey and the return to nature

As a trained chef, I learned at 18 to work precisely and creatively under pressure – skills that are just as essential in bushcrafting. And yes, I also love to cook in the woods.

Then I moved to Paris for two years, where I worked in customer support for a large American game manufacturer. This time taught me a lot about customer service and intercultural communication – indispensable skills when working with such a diverse group of course participants as I do today.

Fun Fact on the side: Although I've been on the Eiffel Tower eight times, I've strangely never managed to visit the TV Tower in Berlin, even though I've lived in the city since 2009.

View from the Eiffel Tower 2007, when I visited it for the fourth time

View from the Eiffel Tower in 2007, when I visited it for the fourth time.

But Paris wasn't all. I returned to Germany, completed my vocational diploma, studied Applied Computer Science for three years and then worked in a startup.

My time in Online Marketing helped me understand how to effectively communicate messages. As an independent software developer later on, I honed my logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Both are useful when it comes to teaching survival strategies or designing effective courses.

And when I became a father in 2015, the love for the wilderness started (again). The endless curiosity of my children rekindled my nearly forgotten love for nature. What started as a hobby is now my vocation and my green blood.

Us as a family at a seminar

Us as a family at a seminar 2024, where I was active as a teamer.

With every crawling beetle and every campfire, my love for nature flared anew.

The journey continued: Since 2021 I am a certified wilderness educator and have spent years training in survival techniques, tracking, and nature craft. How many seminars have I attended? I've lost count. A lot.

Books like "Die Feuer-Fibel" and "Bushcraft for Family" were the first fruits of my passion.

Since 2022 I've been leading the Wildimpuls Program, which has already inspired more than 131 people to rediscover their connection to nature.

"Finally, with Wildimpuls, I could learn many techniques and skills in 52 steps! And ones that I could immediately incorporate into the work with my youth group" - Sabine, Autumn Camp 2023

In 52 weeks, I guide you through a journey of self-discovery and practical learning, supported by a strong community of like-minded nature enthusiasts.

The first real meeting of the Wildimpuls remote course in 2023

The first real meeting of the Wildimpuls remote course in 2023.

Through my website, I reach over 100,000 readers monthly, share my insights, and provide a platform for all who love the wilderness life as much as I do. This online encyclopedia serves as a first point of contact for aspiring bushcrafters and nature enthusiasts.

What makes working with me special?

I offer more than just knowledge. I share a perspective that is in harmony with nature.

With me, you learn not only how to start a fire or find edible plants, but how to become (again) a part of nature. The shared experiences in nature and the sharing of 'aha' moments make the time with me particularly valuable.

Renowned media in Germany also appreciate this knowledge. My expertise has been featured in various publications and shows, including the Outdoor Magazine, MDR, BR, ARD, Frankfurter Allgemeine - and for idealo I act as an expert author.

I live what I teach

My life is an open book, which I gladly share. Whether it's carving at the kitchen table at night or exploring new skills in the woods – I am always in the middle of the action.

I stand for the diversity of people and reject any form of exclusion. This authenticity is reflected in every one of my courses and books.

The forest is my learning place, my classroom, and you can of course read about that on my website - a true encyclopedia for wilderness fanatics.

I especially want to give you impulses and ideas that bring you closer to nature - closer to yourself.

You take what you need from the website. Print it out. Pass it on. Do what you want with it, as long as others benefit.

My Vision

I hope that you end my guides, books, or courses with 'aha' moments.

Or that I can motivate you to head into the wilderness and try new things.

Yes – I want you to get a hunger for nature.

For me, wilderness life means reactivating the knowledge and techniques of lost instincts and skills.

As you develop your skills, you will become freer, more confident, and happier.

In this sense: Live close to nature, feel the wilderness.


P. S. You can find in my article "Surviving or Living? Why I am a Wilderness Mentor - and not a Survival Trainer" in detail my philosophy and my journey to nature.

I want to help people create a deep connection to nature. It is also important to me to preserve, discover and pass on the knowledge of nature and craftsmanship of our ancestors.

Short biography of Martin Gebhardt

  • Born in 1981, lives in Berlin (Germany) with his wife and two sons
  • Grew up in Thuringia on the Rennsteig and was always enthusiastic about forests, meadows and animals
  • As a teenager he turned away from the forest and worked as a chef, in customer support (in Paris), as a marketing manager and as a freelance software developer
  • With the birth of his first child, he rediscovered his passion for nature
  • Numerous bushcraft and survival projects followed
  • Took and regularly takes bushcraft and survival courses at various wilderness schools
  • One-year training as a wilderness educator based on the "Coyote Guide"
  • One-year tracker training
  • He is currently a freelance book author, blogger, wilderness educator and wilderness mentor
  • Offers programs in adult and children's education

Are you interested in working with me (books, opinions, interviews, etc.)? Then write me an email martin@survival-kompass.de. If you are an entrepreneur, take a look at mine cooperation opportunities.

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