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Hiking in and around Leipzig - these 5 routes should you know

Get to know five beautiful hiking routes in and around Leipzig. The routes ideally combine the historical urban charm with green and fresh nature.

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Hiking in and around Leipzig - these 5 routes should you know

Martin Gebhardt

From Martin Gebhardt. Check out my “About me” page.

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Discover five beautiful hiking trails in and around Leipzig that combine historic charm and green nature.
  • Enjoy the diverse landscape with many lakes and flat areas, ideal for beginners and families.
  • Explore the Cospudener Lake, the Fockeberg circuit, the quarry at Frauenberg, the Störmthaler Lake and the Ostbruch-Westbruch circuit.
  • Experience not only hiking but also other leisure activities such as music, art, amusement parks and the lively city center of Leipzig.
  • Benefit from mostly easy-to-walk hiking trails, but pay attention to good footwear on more demanding tours.
  • Expand your outdoor experience in Leipzig with water sports activities, exciting museums and good restaurants.

Leipzig is the most populous city in the state of Saxony. The Eastern German city is primarily known for its historical significance and offers a unique charm.

In addition to many well-known sights such as the Monument to the Battle of the Nations or various themed museums, you will also find various options here to spend your leisure time.

Since the city is located in the middle of the country and therefore cannot offer impressive Rocky Mountains or the sound of the sea, it is often not very popular with outdoor enthusiasts and hikers.

However, today I want to convince you otherwise.

You will find here five beautiful hiking routes in and around Leipzig. The routes combine perfectly the historical urban charm with green and fresh nature.

Enjoy reading.

Leipzig offers a lot of variety and plenty of greenery

If you take a look at the map, you will quickly notice that there are an incredible number of lakes in this region. They practically invite you to beautiful and extensive hikes.

The city is located just under 100 meters above sea level. So you won't find any strenuous hikes with a lot of altitude here.

Therefore, the region is also excellent for beginners among hiking enthusiasts or also for families with children.

You will find many lakes and a flat region around Leipzig
You will find many lakes and a flat region around Leipzig

In addition to many hiking tours, you can also spend your time in Leipzig in other ways. The city has a great influence on the history of music - nationwide and worldwide. If you are interested in music or other arts, you will find many museums and small studios here.

If you prefer more action, however, you will also find a large amusement park in Leipzig. Various attractions will take you to dizzying heights and provide an adrenaline rush.

Furthermore, the city center also invites you to stroll and browse. Here, old meets new. You will find listed buildings next to modern architectural masterpieces.

In addition, the city is usually very lively. Thanks to the university and the many students, the city stays young, and you will find countless cafés or clubs. Leipzig and the region offer you plenty of variety.

But now let's move on to the 5 most beautiful hiking routes in and around Leipzig!

1. Cospudener Lake - 3.8 km

In Leipzig and the surrounding area, you will find approximately 23 different lakes. The first hiking route is located at Lake Cospuden. This lake is about five kilometers away from the city center, near the town of Markkleeberg.

The hike only takes about an hour and is about four kilometers long. Of course, if you walk from the city center to there, you can turn it into a full-day tour. However, my tour starts directly at the parking lot of Lake Cospuden.

There you already have a view of a lake, but that is the Waldsee Lauer. From the parking lot, you walk about two kilometers until you reach an intersection. Cross this and continue straight towards Lake Cospuden.

There you can walk along the lake shore for about 500 meters until you reach the eastern shore path. There you turn sharply left to the north and walk towards the Lauerscher path. Once you have arrived there, turn right and then the next left.

You are now passing Kee'scher Park and Kirschallee. On the left, you can once again see Waldsee Lauer. Continue along here until you reach Ziegeleiweg, then turn left before it and you will arrive back at your car.

The Cospudener Lake offers many attractions. In addition to a classic boat tour, you can also visit a kite or diving school here. Regular concerts and open-air cinema evenings are also held here.

2. Fockeberg Round - 6.4 km

Located a bit closer to the city center, the next hiking tour starts - the Fockeberg Round. This tour takes about 1.5 hours and is approximately six kilometers long. During the tour, you will cross three of the city's over 400 bridges.

Even though the tour is very urban, it still offers a lot of nature. The highlights of the tour are the racecourse and the Fockeberg. This is an artificially created rubble hill. However, today it is completely green and planted.

The highest point, however, is only about 155 meters high. However, this tour only takes you around the mountain. You can also deviate from the plan here and continue up the mountain.

The tour starts at a parking lot at the end of Richard-Lehmann-Straße. From there, you walk towards the northwest and cross the Pleiße River.

Now walk along the river on the right and turn left after about 200 meters. Now you will already see the second body of water in the area, the Elsterflutbett. At Schleußiger Weg, you cross the bridge to the west again and turn north onto Nonnenweg.

You are now passing by the Nonnenwiese and thus reaching a beautiful green and peaceful spot. A little further, you will also pass by the Nachtigallenwald. After about a kilometer, you turn right again and head towards the Elsterflutbett.

You cross this after about 200 meters and now come to Rennbahnweg. You now pass by Scheibenholz, the oldest sports facility in Leipzig. Furthermore, you circle around it until you reach Pleißenmühlgraben. From there, you walk along Wundstraße towards the south. After about 200 meters, you turn left and immediately thereafter, turn right onto Fockestraße.

Go straight ahead for about 500 meters towards the south and turn right. Now you are back in a green area and can catch a glimpse of the Fockeberg. You can linger there and take the way back towards Richard-Lehmann-Straße.

3. Quarry at Frauenberg - 8.9 km

Slightly further away from the city center of Leipzig, you will find the next hiking tour. The tour is located about 20 kilometers away from the city center and is therefore in a very green and peaceful area.

The hiking tour takes about 2.5 hours and is just under nine kilometers long. You can expect a beautiful round in the green here, surrounded by about four quarry waters.

The tour starts in Ammelshain, at the parking lot of Pappelallee. From there, you walk east towards Polenzer Straße. Turn left onto this street and follow it for about 400 meters, until you turn left onto the circular hiking trail.

Past two quarry waters and Haselberg, walk straight for about two kilometers and then turn left. Follow this route until you reach the next two quarry waters.

After passing both lakes, turn left and continue along the path. You will cross the Saubach and pass by the diving center. Now follow the Altenhainer Straße and return to the Polenzer Straße.

The tour is ideal for families. However, for safety reasons, you should refrain from swimming in the lakes.

4. Störmthaler Lake - 26.8 km

About 13 kilometers away from the city center of Leipzig, you will find a unique, diverse, and extensive hiking trail. Due to the length of the tour, I do not recommend it for beginners. Of course, you have the option to customize the tour according to your preferences.

However, my round takes about seven hours and is 26.8 kilometers long. But the long hike is worth it.

Even if you are in the middle of Germany, for a moment, you will feel the beach vibe. The Störmthaler Lake is an artificial body of water that has been completely flooded.

You can not only take beautiful walks here, but also have a real vacation. Several holiday resorts and campsites create the right holiday atmosphere.

The starting point is on the Magdeborner Peninsula. Here you will find many opportunities to strengthen yourself or cool off again. From there, head east, past the Grunaer Bay.

From there, you follow the path around the lake for about nine kilometers. You are now at the Störmthaler Canal. Underneath the highway, you continue following the path until you turn left after about 700 meters.

However, you can also continue to the right here, as we will return here later. However, if you take the further path, you will pass by the white water channel.

Here you can go on a rafting tour or watch brave kayakers plunge into the waves. From there, you go back to the Störmthaler Canal and cross the movable bridge.

The rivers around Leipzig and its surroundings offer great leisure activities
The rivers around Leipzig and its surroundings offer great leisure activities

So make sure to arrive at the right time to cross the bridge directly and watch the passing ships. From there, walk straight for 1.5 kilometers to the west, until you turn south.

Follow the path here for about one kilometer and then turn left. Now walk along the path until you see the lake again. Here too, follow the shore until you reach your car.

The Störmthaler Lake offers incredible variety and a beautiful atmosphere. Here you can not only swim or go boating, but also go kite-surfing or archery.

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5. East Break - West Break Round - 3.4 km

The last hiking tour is very short with a length of just under 3.5 kilometers, but extremely challenging. You will need about an hour and good footwear for the loop around the West and East Marshes near Brandis!

Especially the East Wall is known for various climbing routes. If you enjoy climbing, definitely bring your equipment. However, this route also includes a small "via ferrata".

Whether you choose to secure yourself there or not is up to your judgement, but there is certainly a steel cable available.

My route starts on Naunhofer Straße. Although there is no parking space there, it is a side street where you can park. From there, you go directly east onto the Ringweg.

Follow this path for about 400 meters and then turn left and the next right. Now simply follow the path until you reach Ostbruch. You will go around it and head north.

At the second intersection, turn left and pass by the specialized clinic. After the clinic, head south. Now you can already see the Westbruch. Moreover, go around it and finally return to the car.

How do you like the routes? Which one will you hike first?

Take care, Martin
Martin Gebhardt

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Martin Gebhardt

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