Stone Eagle Canvas Shoe Ultra - The insider tip for the summer

The canvas shoe is an ideal addition for the summer months. Whether the boot is worth it and whether it is recommendable, you will find out in this test.

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Stone Eagle Canvas Shoe Ultra - The insider tip for the summer


From Fabian .

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Stone Eagle Canvas Shoe Ultra is a summer shoe: It is an ideal addition for the warm months and dry climates. It is made of a canvas fabric that is very breathable and therefore particularly suitable for higher temperatures.
  • Material and design: The shoe is made of cow leather and canvas fabric. The sole is vulcanized and suitable for both street and off-road use. The lacing consists of a combination of smooth-running eyelets and hooks.
  • Wearing comfort: The shoe is lightweight and comfortable, but the low padding can cause pressure points for some people. It is not suitable for wet weather as the canvas absorbs water.
  • Conclusion: The Stone Eagle Canvas Shoe Ultra is a good choice for the warm and dry months. It is breathable, lightweight and comfortable, but not suitable for wet weather.

For almost 4 months now, I have been extensively wearing the canvas shoe Ultra.

Admittedly, I probably would never have come across this boot on my own, but sent me this specimen to try out, asking for an honest opinion.

Whether the boot is any good and whether I can give you a buying recommendation, you will find out in this test.

First impression and pure appearance

The Steinadler canvas shoe G2 underwent a fundamental update in the form of the Steinadler canvas shoe Ultra.

The upper material of the Steinadler canvas shoe Ultra consists of cowhide leather on the front, sides, back, and lacing.

In the area of the toes and the heel, this is reinforced.

Otherwise, the shoe is made of a canvas fabric, which has been reinforced over the ankle.

The sole is vulcanized, making it suitable for both street and off-road use, which is also the biggest innovation.

The lacing consists of a combination of eyelets and hooks. The shaft height is quite high at 24 cm.

The Steinadler Canvas Shoe ultra
The Steinadler Canvas Shoe ultra

Especially striking is the use of canvas as the upper material

The canvas as the upper material initially saves weight and is fundamentally resource-saving. In practice, however, the canvas is particularly noticeable for its incredible breathability.

This becomes particularly clear on warmer days. While other boots often have a problem with air circulation, the Steinadler canvas shoe Ultra, like its predecessor, scores top marks.

Admittedly, the relatively soft canvas also reduces stability. But anyone who believes that the foot is completely unprotected here is greatly mistaken. I am extremely sensitive on this topic (more on that later) and felt adequately protected at all times.

Canvas is a tightly woven fabric made from strong yarn. This fabric is particularly tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and resistant to UV radiation. Additionally, it is dimensionally stable, stretchable, and characterized by a lightweight.

The major difference from its predecessor lies in the so-called Fastrope sole. The sole is ergonomic and not too stiff. The balance between functionality and everyday usability is achieved. I say this because these boots accompany my urban everyday life very inconspicuously due to their slim design.

Other models quickly attract attention. This is rather rare with the Steinadler canvas shoe Ultra. How one feels about it is probably a matter of taste. However, I feel very comfortable with it.

Just another sponsored hymn of praise?

No, and I'll tell you why not.

As I mentioned before, I am very sensitive when it comes to ankle support. Unfortunately, both of my ankles have been irreparably damaged due to sports injuries. However, this does not limit me in my everyday life.

What I have to criticize here, however, is the limited padding. Due to the canvas, the lacing and also the underlying cowhide are very tight. After some time, the shoes uncomfortably pressed on my old injuries. This is indeed a highly individual circumstance, but perhaps still relevant for you.

My other point of criticism is rather a note. This shoe is especially recommended for warm and dry weeks and months. You won't get an all-weather shoe, and you can surely imagine that breathability comes at a price.

The price is probably wet feet in heavy rain. However, moisture is not part of the concept of the Steinadler Canvas Shoe Ultra. For rainy days, you should always rely on your sturdy hiking, trekking, or military boots.

Who is the Steinadler canvas shoe Ultra-suitable for?

The canvas shoe is an ideal addition for the summer months, dry climates, and urban areas.

My copy is black and fits wonderfully into my everyday life. If the urban jungle is too much for you, I can also recommend the boot in the Coyote color tone.

The Stone Eagle Canvas Shoe Ultra currently costs €124.90 at the eponymous manufacturer, which is slightly higher than the predecessor model G2.


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