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What is a Walk & Call Coaching? - And how can your clients benefit from it?

Nature Coaching Walk and Talk - an alternative way for clients to achieve clarity and cope with stress by combining nature and conversation.

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What is a Walk & Call Coaching? - And how can your clients benefit from it?

Martin Gebhardt

From Martin Gebhardt. Check out my “About me” page.

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Walk & Call Coaching combines telephone coaching with walks in nature.
  • Movement and natural sounds contribute to relaxation and stress reduction.
  • The natural environment inspires and promotes new perspectives and solutions.
  • Walk & Call Coaching can contribute to the development of a positive and successful mentality.
  • There are various options and techniques to meet clients' individual needs.

Imagine coaching outdoors while talking to your client on the phone.

You ideally both go for a walk in nature, each in your own place.

This Walk and Call Coaching combines movement with deep conversations over the phone.

Thoughts flow better in the fresh air.

I would like to invite you today to take a look at this type of coaching. Maybe it is also something for you and your clients.

What is a Walk & Call Coaching?

Walk&Call Coaching is a unique method that combines telephone coaching with simultaneous walks in nature. By combining movement, fresh air, and natural sounds, the client becomes not only physically active but also mentally relaxed.

The Walk&Call method allows your clients to walk in nature during coaching sessions while being accompanied by phone.

Movement, natural surroundings, and shared exchange promote relaxation and can be inspiring.

By combining coaching and nature, new approaches and perspectives are opened up.

The benefits of Walk&Call Coaching

For some time now, I have been practicing this form of coaching and I must say: It works excellently.

Walk&Call Coaching offers a variety of benefits for clients who are looking for an effective method to achieve their goals and be successful.

The fact is: By combining movement in nature and telephone coaching, both the body and the mind are stimulated to achieve optimal results.

The movement in nature has a positive impact on physical and mental health.

You probably already know this from nature coaching: Walking and fresh air release endorphins, which lead to improved mood and relaxation.

The good thing about it: The stress level is reduced and new energy is gained.

This allows your clients to focus on the coaching and find solutions to their challenges.

Again and again I experience that my clients have fantastic ideas while they are "hiking".

frau beim telefonieren draussen

And yes, the natural environment also offers a unique source of inspiration. The sounds of birds, the rustling of trees, and the beauty of the landscape promote creativity and new perspectives.

This allows your clients to think outside the box and find creative solutions to their problems.

I am convinced: Walk&Call Coaching supports the unfolding of a person's full potential and contributes to personal and professional development.

Advantages of Walk&Call Coaching:

  • Reduction of stress and relaxation
  • Inspiration through the natural environment
  • Promotion of creativity and new perspectives
  • Enhancement of mental and physical health
  • Development of a positive and successful mindset

You see: the benefits of Walk&Call coaching are diverse and contribute to your clients relaxing and achieving their goals more effectively.

By combining movement, nature, and telephone coaching, a unique method is created that opens up new paths for your clients and supports them on their journey to success.

frau im feld spazierengehen

The Nature as Coach

At Walk&Call Coaching, we use nature as our coach and source of inspiration for personal development.

The combination of movement, fresh air, and the sounds of nature creates a unique environment in which your clients gain new insights.

Nature provides us with symbolic clues and analogies that help us navigate personal and professional challenges.

By connecting with natural elements and environments, we can draw inspiration from nature and gain new perspectives on our situations.

Walk&Call-Coaching offers various strategies and techniques to learn from nature and promote personal development.

Whether it's about setting goals, finding solutions, or strengthening one's own mental attitude, nature is there for us as a valuable and powerful partner.

frau beim spazierengehen

Walk&Call Strategies for Personal Development

In Walk&Call Coaching, you have access to various strategies to make optimal use of nature as a coach.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Nature observation: By consciously observing nature, we can gain important insights about ourselves and our personal challenges.
  • Mindfulness: Nature helps us to be present and focus on the here and now. This allows us to better focus on our goals and needs.
  • Change of perspective: By immersing ourselves in different natural environments, we can discover new perspectives and solutions that are often hidden from us in everyday life.

An example of Walk&Call strategies in practice:

During a walk in a forest, we can observe the different tree species. Each tree has its own strength and beauty, but also its individual challenges.

By looking at these trees and connecting with their nature, we can recognize parallels to our own strengths and challenges.

Nature shows us that, like trees, we can grow and evolve when we strengthen our roots and stretch our branches in the right direction.

The Walk&Call Coaching uses nature as a coach and source of inspiration to support your clients in their personal development.

The combination of movement, natural sounds, and positive environments creates a unique atmosphere in which clients can gain new insights.

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Walk&Call Coaching in Practice - Connected in Distance

Walk&Call Coaching offers your clients various opportunities to benefit from this unique method of personal development and goal achievement.

One of the advantages is the flexibility in conducting the coaching.

It can take place both in person in nature and via phone or video chat. This versatility allows your clients to customize the coaching to their individual needs and preferences.

frau im wald schaut in baeume

Imagine you have a highly introverted client. Then maybe a first and second phone call during a walk in nature would be a great start. This way you can get to know each other in advance and continue if necessary.

Another important aspect of the Walk&Call coaching program is the structured and targeted approach.

The program usually consists of multiple sessions where your client goes for a walk and talks with you as their coach.

Through this repeated process, clients can gradually define their goals, identify obstacles, and develop strategies for overcoming them.

To support this structured approach, you can also develop special Walk&Call coaching programs.

These programs provide a clear roadmap and a sequential sequence of activities. This allows your clients to be confident that they are making the desired progress and are likely to achieve their goals.

Elements of the Walk & Call Coaching Program Benefits
Individual coaching sessions Flexibility in scheduling and adapting to the needs of your client.
Structured process A clear sequence of activities and tasks to achieve the defined goals.
Personal support Close collaboration with you as an experienced coach, providing individual support and guidance.
Regular reflection and feedback Opportunities for self-reflection and feedback from you as a coach to measure and adjust progress.

The Walk&Call Coaching Program offers a unique opportunity to combine personal development and goal achievement.

By combining movement in nature with telephone or video-based coaching, clients can effectively pursue their goals and bring about positive changes in their lives.

Client testimonials from my Walk & Call Coaching

Check out the testimonials from my clients:

Anna M.: "The Walk&Call coaching is wonderful! By combining movement in nature and telephone coaching, I was not only able to relax, but also gain new perspectives. The conversations during the walk have inspired me to define my goals more clearly and take concrete steps to achieve them. I have learned that nature can be a wonderful source of inspiration and creativity. The Walk&Call coaching has helped me develop a positive and vibrant mindset."

Max S.: "I was initially skeptical if such a Walk&Call coaching would really be something for me, but it positively surprised me. The combination of movement and telephone coaching helped me to reduce my stress and connect with nature at the same time. The natural environment inspired me and helped me to organize my thoughts. I found new approaches to solutions and am more motivated than ever to tackle my professional situation."

Lisa H.: "When I first heard about Walk&Call coaching, I was curious if it really works. And I was surprised by the results. The combination of movement and coaching helped me find my inner peace and focus on what's important. Finally, I was able to unwind. The walks in nature provided me with a break from my stressful everyday life and my coach helped me organize my thoughts logically and set priorities."

frau im wald auf weg

Different Walk&Call Techniques

  • Using nature as a mirror: In Walk&Call coaching, specific elements of nature can be used as metaphors for personal and professional questions. By incorporating observations of nature into the coaching process, your client develops new insights and approaches to solutions.
  • Mindful Walking: Through conscious and mindful walking in nature, your clients can focus their attention on the present moment and quiet their thoughts. This mindfulness practice can lead to improved concentration and mental clarity.
  • Visualization techniques: The natural environment is ideal for visualization exercises. By having your client imagine a calm lake or a majestic tree, positive emotions and mental images can be generated to support the coaching process.

The Walk&Call coaching offers a variety of options to consider the individual needs and preferences of the clients.

Whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat - the combination of movement in nature and coaching enables a holistic and effective coaching experience.

Options Advantages
Telephone Walk & Call Coaching - Flexibility in terms of time and location
- Integrability into everyday life and individual circumstances
Walk & Call Coaching via video chat - Combination of movement and virtual walk
- Personal coaching experience despite spatial distance
- Access to visual nature experiences and coaching tools

What does your client need to bring?

  1. A smartphone with good reception: This way, even if you are miles apart, you will always be in contact.
  2. Earphones: This allows your client to have their hands free to focus on movement and nature.
  3. Openness to new things: Walk & Call is different from traditional coaching. It requires a willingness to embrace this new experience.
  4. Love for nature: The more connected your client is with nature, the deeper the coaching experience will be.
  5. Willingness to move: Taking a walk is part of the coaching. It's not just about the conversation, but also about the physical experience.

The benefits for your clients

  1. Freedom and Privacy: Some people feel more free in nature than in the direct presence of a coach. They can move and express themselves more freely.
  2. Stress Reduction through Movement: Walking in nature helps to reduce stress and think more clearly.
  3. Natural Inspiration: Nature offers countless inspirations and metaphors that can be incorporated into coaching.
  4. Flexibility: No matter where your client is, coaching is always possible as long as they are in a beautiful natural space with good reception.
  5. Enhancement of Well-being: The combination of movement, fresh air, and deep conversations promotes physical and mental well-being.

Walk & Talk - an alternative to traditional presence?

The Walk&Call coaching offers numerous benefits for clients, including relaxation, inspiration, and new perspectives.

By combining movement in nature and telephone coaching, your clients can develop a positive and successful mindset and promote their personal development.

The Walk&Call Coaching Program offers various options and techniques that can be customized to meet the needs of clients.

Whether by phone or video chat - there are flexible options to conduct the coaching.

With a structured process integrated in a Walk&Call Coaching Program, clients can achieve their goals.

Several appointments that combine walks and phone conversations provide continuous support on the path to achieving goals.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walk&Call Coaching?

Walk&Call Coaching combines telephone coaching with a simultaneous walk in nature. Your client relaxes through movement and nature sounds. The natural environment inspires and opens up new perspectives.

What are the benefits of Walk&Call Coaching?

Movement in nature helps to relax and reduce stress. The sounds of nature have a calming effect on the mind. Furthermore, the natural environment can inspire new perspectives and solutions. Walk&Call Coaching can contribute to developing a positive and vibrant mindset.

How is nature used as a coach?

Nature is used as a coach and source of inspiration in Walk&Call Coaching. By combining movement, nature sounds, and positive environments, clients can promote their personal development. Nature also provides symbolic clues and analogies for personal and professional questions.

How is the Walk&Call coaching conducted?

Walk&Call Coaching can be conducted either by phone or video chat. There are also specialized Walk&Call Coaching programs that provide a structured process to support clients in achieving their goals. The program typically includes multiple sessions where the client walks and talks or video conferences with their coach.

What experiences have customers had with Walk&Call Coaching?

Customers who have used the Walk&Call coaching service report positive experiences and results. They feel more relaxed, inspired, and have gained new perspectives. The Walk&Call coaching has helped them improve their mental attitude and better articulate their goals. They appreciate the combination of outdoor movement and telephone coaching as a unique and effective method.

Take care, Martin
Martin Gebhardt

Author of the guide

Martin Gebhardt

Hey, I'm Martin. On my blog, you will learn the basics and numerous details about living in the wild. I think survival, bushcraft and the good life in nature are the keys to happiness. Find me here on Instagram or on YouTube. You can find more about my mission on the About Me page.

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