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These 25 survival applications for superglue can save your life in the wilderness.

You believe superglue is only good for small repairs? These 25 brilliant applications prove the opposite and turn you into a survival artist.

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These 25 survival applications for superglue can save your life in the wilderness.

Martin Gebhardt

From Martin Gebhardt. Check out my “About me” page.

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Superglue can be extremely helpful in emergencies. You will find here 25 use cases, such as:
  • Repair your accommodation and shoes with superglue.
  • Use superglue for quick wound treatment.
  • Remove splinters easily and safely.
  • Build tools and weapons in no time.
  • Seal leaks in water containers.
  • Improve your survival equipment like backpack and rope.

A true all-rounder that you should always have with you is superglue.

Sounds unspectacular at first, but it can actually help you in countless ways.

Whether repairing, improvising, or supplying - with superglue, you are prepared for almost anything.

I will show you here 25 brilliant applications of how superglue makes your survival easier.

So let's not waste any time. Get yourself some glue and learn how to make the most of this underestimated survival tool!

1. Repair your accommodation

Superglue can be effectively used to patch holes or tears in your tent shelter. This will keep your refuge dry and secure.

tarp notunterkunft

2. Use superglue for wound treatment

In case of emergency, superglue can be used to quickly seal superficial cuts. Before applying, the wound should be cleaned.

schnitt hand finger

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3. Remove splinters from your hand or foot

A thin layer of superglue on the skin can help safely and easily remove splinters.

The glue should be dry before removing the splinter.

splitter entfernen aus fuss

4. Build yourself a weapon or a tool

Superglue can be used to quickly and efficiently build or repair Stone Age tools or weapons.

flint feuerstein messer

5. Repair your broken shoes

A drop of superglue can quickly fix loose soles or other shoe defects, which can be important for mobility in a survival situation.

6. Superglue as a gap filler

Superglue is suitable for filling small holes or cracks in tools or the floor.

Larger holes can be closed with a mixture of superglue and baking soda.


7. Close leaks in water containers

A leak in a water container can be quickly sealed with superglue, which can be vital in survival situations.

wasserkanister wasserlagerung

8. Repair a frayed rope

Superglue can be used to stabilize a fraying rope and extend its lifespan.

gaengige gegenstaende fuer seile verwenden

9. Repair your broken backpack

Defective backpack straps can be quickly and efficiently repaired with superglue to restore their load-bearing capacity.

10. Superglue for Arrows and Bows

The fletching of an arrow can be effectively attached with superglue, which improves flight stability.

bogen und pfeil bauen

11. Superglue as a thimble

A thin layer of superglue on the fingertips serves as protection against minor injuries such as cuts or splinters.

12. Repair your shoelaces

Fraying shoelaces can be stabilized with superglue, which extends their lifespan.


13. Patching Tears in Clothing

Quick repairs to clothing items, such as closing tears, can be done with superglue.

14. Professional eyeglass repair with superglue

Broken eyeglass frames can be temporarily fixed with superglue to ensure visibility in emergencies.

brille defekt

15. Fix a fishing rod

If the handle or another part of the fishing rod breaks while fishing, superglue can be a quick repair solution.

A few drops may be enough to fix the damaged part, so you can continue your fishing trip.


16. Emergency Dental Prosthesis Repair

A broken tooth or a loose dental filling can be temporarily fixed in an emergency with superglue. However, please note that this is only a temporary solution and does not replace a visit to the dentist.

17. Electronic Repair

Small parts like buttons or switches in electronic devices that have come loose can be quickly reattached with superglue. This is especially useful when you are in a situation where you don't have access to professional repair services.


18. Fix your watch

A loose watch strap can easily be brought back to its original position with a drop of superglue.

This prevents the watch from getting lost, especially in stressful or physically demanding situations.

19. Shoe sole reinforcement

Worn or thin areas on the shoe sole can be filled with superglue. This not only extends the lifespan of the shoes, but also improves protection for your feet.

kaputte schuhsohle

20. Emergency Food Procurement

In a survival situation, you can use superglue to repair or build improvised traps or fishing hooks. A few drops can be enough to create a stable mechanism that helps you with food procurement.

21. Firestarter

A drop of superglue on a tinder can serve as a fire accelerator and significantly shorten the time it takes to ignite a fire.

This can be particularly useful when you are under time pressure or when the ignition material is damp.

firesteel with mora garberg carbon knife back

22. Emergency Signals

With superglue, you can attach reflective materials like aluminum foil to trees or other surfaces.

This can serve as an emergency signal to alert rescue teams to your location.

23. Map and Waypoint Markings

In unknown terrain, you can use superglue to mark important waypoints on a physical map or directly in the environment.

This helps you find your way back later or mark certain areas as dangerous or safe.

kompass und karte orientierung

24. Attach an emergency blanket

In cold conditions, an emergency blanket can be attached to the edges of your shelter with superglue. This improves insulation and helps to better retain body heat.

25. Water Extraction

With superglue, you can repair or create improvised devices for water extraction, such as a distillation apparatus or rain catcher.

A few drops may be enough to create a waterproof connection that increases the efficiency of water collection.

Entsalzung durch Sonnenlicht Solar Destillierapparat

Conclusion: Superglue can do more than it seems, but use it wisely

Superglue is a versatile tool that can be useful in real survival situations for quick repairs or even wound care.

However, it should be considered as a last resort, especially when it comes to health matters.

As with all survival strategies, it is important to assess the context and urgency of the situation before using superglue as a solution.

If you're looking for more useful survival tips, be sure to check out the article on the various applications of the Shemagh: Survival Applications for the Shemagh.

I hope you find further valuable information for your survival preparation there.

Take care, Martin
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Free 35 Survival Hacks you'll love!

You will get 35 easy-to-implement survival hacks so that you don't have to stand aimlessly in the forest from tomorrow when things get tough. Take your skills to the next level!