Why a handsaw belongs in your backpack [+Test of an 8 Euro saw]

A folding saw is much quieter than an axe. Furthermore, it is more precise and safe to work with a saw. You need little talent for this.

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Why a handsaw belongs in your backpack [+Test of an 8 Euro saw]

Martin Gebhardt

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👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Advantages of a folding saw: A folding saw is quieter than an axe and allows for precise and safe work. It requires little practice and is therefore ideal for bushcraft and survival adventures.
  • Test of an 8-euro folding saw: The FLORA GUARD handsaw is light, handy, and long enough. However, it is not very stable and the saw blade could be better secured to the handle.
  • Recommendation: A more stable option is the Bahco saw, which is very popular among survival and bushcraft enthusiasts. It is robust and costs about 24€.
  • Usage: A folding saw is ideal for outdoor activities. It allows you to quickly and efficiently cut through trees.
  • Choosing between an axe and a saw: Although some people prefer to use an axe, you will find that a saw is often more efficient, especially when it comes to cutting through trees.
  • Conclusion: A folding saw is a valuable tool for your outdoor activities. It is light, compact, and allows you to work efficiently.

I have already written in previous articles that a folding saw is one of the top 10 items in a survival gear.

Why I see it this way, you will find out in this article.

Furthermore, I take a closer look at an 8 Euro saw and test it in the video.

The benefits of a hand and pruning saw

For your bushcraft and survival adventures, you always need wood in various forms.

Whether it's for your shelter, the campfire, or for a trap.

The advantage of the saw compared to the axe and Batoning is the noise level.

A saw is much quieter than an axe.

Furthermore, you work more precisely and safely with a saw.

Chopping wood or felling trees with an axe requires practice.

If you use a folding saw, you'll get the hang of it in a few seconds. You don't need much talent for it.

I recommend a pruning saw to every bushcraft beginner. A saw is one of the five equipment items for bushcraft beginners.

Testing a folding saw

I ordered a folding saw and tested how well it cuts.

I have to admit that I went for the cheapest option. The FLORA GUARD Handsaw only costs 8 euros. (In the video, I say that the saw costs 15 to 20 euros. That's not true, I misspoke.)

Here you can see the saw in action:

My conclusion about the 8 Euro saw: Lightweight, handy, long enough.

I would, however, take a more stable saw for the next purchase, where the saw blade is better anchored to the handle.

However, this saw is sufficient for my needs and I will use it until it (maybe) falls apart.

My Buying Recommendation

You are better off with a Bahco Saw - I bought this one for comparison.

Perhaps you have already heard of the saw. Among survival and bushcraft enthusiasts, these saws are a must-have in every bag.

The anchoring is much better and it is incredibly robust. It costs around 24 EUR accordingly. I can recommend it without reservation.

Bahco Lapländer

Bahco 396-HP BH396-HP Astsäge klappbar mit 2K Handgriff Blattlänge 198 mm,


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Bahco 396-HP BH396-HP Astsäge klappbar mit 2K Handgriff Blattlänge 198 mm,

  • Mit patentierter XT-Spezialverzahnung für schnelles und präzises Sägen. Sicherheitsarretierung zur Blattfixierung im offenen sowie geschlossenem Zustand. 2-Komponentenhandgriff.
  • Ausführung: klappbar; Blattlänge: 190mm; Gewicht: 196 Gramm

26,16 €
UVP: 29,98 €

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Whichever saw you choose: Take a saw with you for your outdoor activities. You will see how quickly you can saw through a tree with such a saw tooth.

I would even bet that an axe is not faster.

What do you think about it?

Are you more of an axe user or do you already have a saw in your backpack?

Take care, Martin
Martin Gebhardt

Martin Gebhardt

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