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The Haven Tent: My Game-Changer for Heavenly Sleep in the Wilderness (Review and Detailed Practical Test).

Learn how the Haven Tent revolutionized my outdoor sleeping experience. It's a special-designed hammock in which you lie flat and can even sleep on your side.

from Martin Gebhardt | Gear | no comment yet | reading time 19 Min
Updated on 04 June 2024 3.540 views 100% found this guide helpful
The Haven Tent: My Game-Changer for Heavenly Sleep in the Wilderness (Review and Detailed Practical Test).

Martin Gebhardt

From Martin Gebhardt. Check out my “About me” page.

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • The Haven Tent is a kind of hammock that allows for flat lying thanks to its patented design with specially shaped spreader bars and a fitted sleeping mat.
  • Complete package with tarp and integrated insect net for maximum protection with minimal effort.
  • The hanging tent promises a high level of sleeping comfort comparable to a bed at home, suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers.
  • Robustness and quality due to high-quality materials such as 20D Ripstop Nylon and 210T Polyester as well as excellent workmanship and accessories.
  • Easy and quick setup in 5 minutes, compact and moderate weight, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, Bushcrafters, and frequent campers.
  • A Haven Tent Set starts at $313.00, but the price is justified by its durability and the comfort it provides, especially suitable for regular outdoor adventures for those who want to sleep straight and elevated.

I have always found hammocks great - I float weightlessly between the trees and am removed from the hard, insect-rich forest floor.

Meditative, almost poetic! But spending an entire night in it is not my thing. My back bent like a banana, a slipping sleeping pad… Sleep is out of the question.

Then I came across the Haven Tent and was immediately excited: A hammock in which you can LIE FLAT, with weather protection and insect netting - exactly what I need!

Well, and today I want to tell you about the Haven Tent.

This is how you will quickly find out if this hammock tent is also something for you.

My wife just rolled her eyes when I moved to the garden for a test sleep

"Another outdoor gadget…" said my wife.

But I tell you: This thing is amazing! No comparison to a regular hammock. On the first night, I lay in it like on my mattress at home and could turn and twist as I wanted. Heavenly!

haven tent xl mit mir drin 1

Since then, the Haven Tent has been my faithful companion on wilderness tours and has kept me dry through many a storm.

Sure, the price is steep. But every time it saves me from a restless night on hard ground, I'm glad about the investment. As a passionate outdoor sleeper, this system is worth every cent.

Whoever sleeps restfully is energized and motivated for the day. That is incredibly important to me!

My conclusion in advance:

Anyone who often spends the night in nature and has the necessary budget cannot overlook the Haven Tent.

Try it out and you'll probably never want anything else again! But beware: it's addictive - since I've had it, I find myself drawn to the forest even more often.

Let's now go into detail together about what makes the Haven Tent so special.

The Concept: What makes the Haven Tent special?

But what exactly makes the Haven Tent so special? Why was I able to sleep so heavenly in it compared to a regular hammock?

The secret lies in the well-thought-out concept.

In the Haven Tent XL you lie straight - simply dreamy
In the Haven Tent XL you lie straight - simply dreamy

Patented design for flat lying

The Haven Tent is not just a hammock with a cover. No, the developers have put in significant effort and created a patented design that provides you with a completely flat lying surface.

haven tent ohne und mit tarp

Are you wondering how that's supposed to work in a hammock?

Quite simple:

Through the clever construction with specially shaped spreader bars, tensioning, and the fitted sleeping pad, a flat, stable surface is created that optimally distributes your weight.

Result: You are lying down and relaxed as if in your bed at home - without that hollow back feeling or bent legs.

The sleeping pad fits perfectly and gives the hanging tent a lot of stability
The sleeping pad fits perfectly and gives the hanging tent a lot of stability

On your back, on your side, on your stomach - take your pick! I was amazed at what a difference it makes.

"With the Haven Tent, you say goodbye to crooked nights. Finally enjoy relaxed sleep in the hammock!"

Attention: I strongly recommend ordering a Haven Tent Set. Simply placing another sleeping pad inside will not work!

👉 A well-inflated sleeping pad in the Haven Tent is essential for you to lie flat!

Complete set with weather protection and insect net

Speaking of throws: The Haven Tent is available as a true all-inclusive package. Unlike a regular hammock, here you get everything you need to camp weatherproof and insect-proof:

  • Robust outer tent with 4000 mm water column (absolutely storm and rainproof)
  • Integrated fine-mesh mosquito net (guaranteed to keep out any mosquitoes)
  • Guy lines, pegs & Co. for a rock-solid stand

All these components are perfectly matched and ready for use in no time.

No more hassle with endless ropes and tarps. No more stress from annoying insect bites. Instead, maximum protection with minimal effort. That's how outdoor sleeping is fun!

The Haven Tent XL set up without tarp
The Haven Tent XL set up without tarp

Advantages over regular hammocks

So let's summarize once again the advantages of the Haven Tent compared to a classic hammock:

  • Flat, ergonomic lying thanks to patented design
  • Protection from rain, wind, and insects thanks to cleverly designed complete equipment
  • Quick, intuitive setup thanks to perfectly matched components
  • Ample storage space thanks to numerous integrated pockets and hanging options
  • Thoughtful details like eyelets, toggles, etc.

My opinion:

"With the Haven Tent, you get the best of both worlds: the floating sleep fun of a hammock and the 'lying flat' of a tent. For me, the perfect symbiosis."

If you ask me: Just for the brilliant concept, the creators of Haven - especially Derek Tillotson - deserve giant praise.

They have elegantly solved the most annoying problems of regular hammocks and turned them into a top-class outdoor shelter.

The Haven Tent is available in Normal, XL, and Safari

The Haven Tent is available in three versions. Here is the size chart of the different Haven Tent models:

Model Sleeping Pad Dimensions Pack Size Set with Sleeping Pad Set Weight Max. Load Tarp
Haven Tent 198 x 60 cm 35 x 20 x 15 cm 3 kg 129 kg 320 g
185 x 261 cm
Haven XL 203 x 76 cm 40 x 20 x 20 cm 3.47 kg 129 kg 380 g
200 x 284 cm
Haven Safari 203 x 76 cm 50 x 25 x 20 cm 5.61 kg 158 kg 945 g
200 x 284 cm

Equipment and Workmanship of the Haven Tent

A great concept is, of course, useless if the workmanship is sloppy or the materials are cheap.

And my impression: In terms of quality and cleverness, the Haven Tent is also at the top.

High-quality ropes and pegs are included, as well as enough bags for packing
High-quality ropes and pegs are included, as well as enough bags for packing

Material and Durability

Let's start with the exterior. The Haven Tent (I have the XL version) gives me an overall impression of being stable and durable. No wonder, given the choice of materials:

  • Tarp made of durable 20D ripstop nylon
  • Tent floor and hammock made of tear-resistant 210T polyester
  • Guy lines made of high-quality, UV-resistant polyester
  • Tarp fabric for extra durability and protection

"Nothing was spared here. Top materials, excellently crafted - you can feel and see that at first glance."

All seams are neatly sewn, the zippers run smoothly, and the components are excellently matched. The Haven Tent looks like it is made from one piece - no cheap Chinese botch job.

This is where the struts go in
This is where the struts go in

Water Resistance and Storm Safety

Speaking of PU coating: That's the secret ingredient for absolute waterproofness. 4000 mm water column for the tarp and the hammock - every downpour just rolls off.

I had already used the Haven Tent in pouring heavy rain and stayed snugly dry. It was a dream in it.

The Haven Tent from the back with tarp, but with the mosquito net open
The Haven Tent from the back with tarp, but with the mosquito net open

Even stormy gusts do not easily unsettle it. Thanks to the stable construction and the many guying points, it withstands wind.

However: In hurricane-like conditions, I would prefer to seek shelter in a cabin. Safety first.

The fastening straps and the tent can withstand up to 129 kg according to the manufacturer
The fastening straps and the tent can withstand up to 129 kg according to the manufacturer

Ventilation and Climate Comfort

A common problem with tightly sealed tents is moisture and foggy walls.

With the Haven Tent, I haven't observed that yet. Since you only have a mosquito net at the top of the hammock, it doesn't get very damp here.

If you place the tarp too close to the hammock, it could get damp. So, leave a distance between the tarp and the hammock of 20 to 30 cm on each side.

"In the Haven Tent, you wake up refreshed and without a clammy feeling. Thanks to top ventilation!"

And another climate comfort bonus: The integrated 9 cm high sleeping pad effectively shields against cooling ground cold and keeps you snug and warm. With an R-value of 3, the Haven Tent is even suitable for year-round camping down to –5 °C.

You will find many pockets inside
You will find many pockets inside

Mosquito net and insect protection

Mosquitoes, flies, gnats - for many, the purest sleep hell in nature. In the Haven Tent, you simply leave the buzzing folks outside.

The fine-mesh mosquito net closes tightly all around and even has a practical two-way zipper. (And dear ones, the zipper works like butter, really perfect!)

Means: You can conveniently open the net for entry and exit and then reliably close it (from inside and outside). Without an annoying loophole for uninvited guests.

Wonderful to be able to hit the hay without buzzing and crawling!

Often criticized in tents and hammocks: the zipper. Not with the Haven Tent - it works very smoothly
Often criticized in tents and hammocks: the zipper. Not with the Haven Tent - it works very smoothly

Storage space and clever extras

Another advantage of the Haven Tent is the many well-thought-out storage and stowage options.

In the spacious interior, you will find practical mesh pockets, storage compartments, and hangers everywhere.

Yes, you can even take your entire backpack into the inner tent!

There is storage space here: There are many pockets in the front and back
There is storage space here: There are many pockets in the front and back

Everything has its fixed, easily accessible place. No more cumbersome rummaging in the dark!

"Every part, every extra, every detail of the Haven Tent seems meticulously thought out. Professionals were at work here who know what matters when it comes to outdoor sleeping."

The zippers are also robust and easy to operate even with cold fingers. All components exposed to heat, moisture, or UV have been additionally reinforced - for example, with plastic coatings or welds.

In short: The Haven Tent is designed for durability, even under harsh conditions.

You can hang everything possible on the Firstline - here is space for my camping lamp
You can hang everything possible on the Firstline - here is space for my camping lamp

Practical Test: My Experiences with the Haven Tent

Enough of the gray theory - how does the Haven Tent perform in real outdoor life?

I have tested it thoroughly for you, from the home garden to wild Bushcrafting. Here is my honest experience report:

Construction and Handling

The setup is now super easy and quick for me. Initially, I needed a bit of fiddling to see how everything fit together.

But by the second time, I had it figured out. Without a sleeping pad, I set up the Haven Tent XL in under 5 minutes.

This is how I proceed:

  • Unpack everything
  • Stretch Haven Tent between two trees
  • Secure tarp
  • Done

Typically, you need most of the time to inflate the sleeping pad. That already takes a few minutes. But with the pump sack - which is also the bag for the sleeping pad - it is extremely easy.

haven tent isomatte aufblasen

The fact is: You NEVER have to blow here again. The pump sack becomes your lung.

This is outstanding!

Ingenious invention: The stuff sack of the sleeping pad becomes a pump sack
Ingenious invention: The stuff sack of the sleeping pad becomes a pump sack

Since then, my "hanging house" has been up in 5 minutes.

The guy lines of the tarp can be easily tensioned. The line guidance is sensibly arranged, nothing gets tangled.

Especially pleasant: The XL variant offers me plenty of space. This allows even me, as a sturdy guy, to lie in it comfortably and spread out.

And that with a pack size (for the XL version) of only 40x20x15 cm - Amazing how compactly this space miracle can be stowed away.

haven tent mit mir drin

Lying Comfort and Sleep Quality

Let's get to the most important part - lying and sleeping in the Haven Tent. And what can I say? This makes me rave about it.

With the flat, wide lying surface (over 203 cm in length and almost 76 cm in width), you have as much space as in your bed.

Here is the comparison: Normal mattresses in our beds are 200 cm long and 80–90 cm wide.

Lots of space in the Haven Tent - Even in my one-man tent, I don't have this much space
Lots of space in the Haven Tent - Even in my one-man tent, I don't have this much space

No more bent arms or legs, no uncomfortable hollow back, no crooked hanging angles. Instead, you lie ergonomically and can turn and twist freely.

"Beauty sleep is finally possible for side sleepers like me in the Haven Tent. What a relief!"

Exactly! You can comfortably sleep on your side here or even on your stomach. And since I am a side sleeper, this is the strongest argument for me to get the Haven Tent.

But not only the surface itself is top-notch. The lying comfort with the sleeping pad made of 40D ripstop nylon (R-value: 3, down to –5 °C, for year-round camping) is also unparalleled.

The 9 cm high sleeping pad fits perfectly inside
The 9 cm high sleeping pad fits perfectly inside

Softly padded yet supportive - a clever compromise between comfort and back-friendliness. Even my occasionally troublesome lumbar spine no longer acts up.

Combined with the cozy warmth, the steady rocking, and the spacious inner tent, this leads to a sleeping experience like in a five-star hotel.

Even die-hard tent skeptics are guaranteed to get a good night's sleep here. Snooze like heaven!

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Use in various weather conditions

Sun, rain, storm - the Haven Tent had to endure all weather conditions in my practical test. And I have to say: It held up bravely.

In dry and hot conditions, the open mosquito net ensures a pleasantly airy climate. Although the cover heats a bit in direct sunlight, it's no comparison to a tent!

"The tarp is not an empty advertising phrase - in the Haven Tent, you stay cozy and dry in rain and wind."

Things got serious on a hiking tour in the pouring rain. Thanks to the 4000 mm water column, the drops from above simply beaded off the outer tent. Even strong gusts of wind were handled confidently by the Haven Tent thanks to its stable construction.

Only when it snows and the temperatures are bitterly cold does the fun eventually stop - but that's the case with any tent. Then only heavy expedition equipment will help.

All in all, I would rate the Haven Tent as wonderfully weather-flexible. Whether in the humid summer or dreary autumn: You stay reliably dry and wake up fully refreshed.

Packing size and weight during transport

Space miracle or not: When hiking and trekking, you still have to get your tent from A to B somehow. All the more pleasing that the Haven Tent XL is easy to transport.

With a compact pack size of 40x20x20 cm (in the XL version, the normal version is 35x20x15 cm), it fits even in smaller backpacks or can be conveniently strapped on the side or bottom. The packing bags are stable and well-sealable.

"The Haven Tent hits the sweet spot for me: compact and light enough for hikes, yet as comfortable as a real tent."

👉 The total weight including insulation mat and tarp is around 3472 g in the XL version - the normal version weighs 2883 g.

Admittedly: For an ultralight minimal gear, this is too much. But for the comfort offered, I find it completely acceptable. I've carried significantly heavier ground tents before.

The Haven Tent XL Set packed up
The Haven Tent XL Set packed up

Cleaning and Care

After one tour is before the next tour - and that means cleaning and maintaining the tent for the next use. Here too, the Haven Tent scores with simplicity and ease of care.

Coarse dirt and leaves can be easily shaken out and brushed off. For heavier soiling, simply wipe everything down with a damp cloth and mild soapy water. Then let it dry well - done!

The materials are resistant and do not require much embellishment. So far, I have not noticed any stains or signs of wear, even though the tent has had to endure quite a bit.

Only the sleeping pad should not be treated too roughly. Sure, it can also forgive the occasional rough outdoor use. But a sleeping pad does not belong on the forest floor.

"As with any tent: Handle with care, dry after use, and pack it clean. Then you will enjoy your Haven Tent forever!"

I usually roll up the individual parts loosely, secure them with the integrated straps, and then casually store everything in the packing bag. Elaborate origami folding is not necessary - it fits in effortlessly as it is.

Areas of Application: Who is the Haven Tent Suitable For?

But who is the Haven Tent really the right choice for?

Here is a brief overview of where and for whom it is best suited in my opinion:

Occasional Campers vs. Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • For occasional campers who go camping 1–2 times a year, the Haven Tent is probably oversized and too expensive. A cheaper hammock or a simple ground tent will suffice here.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts, such as campers who sleep outside regularly and in any weather, will love and appreciate the advantages of the Haven Tent. Especially the mix of sleeping comfort and weather protection is worth its weight in gold here.

Various Outdoor Activities

  • For hiking and trekking over several days, the Haven Tent is excellent. Thanks to its compact pack size and moderate weight, it's easy to take along, and thanks to its simple handling, it can be set up quickly in the evening.

  • Also for Bushcrafters and survival fans who value a robust, reliable outdoor accommodation, the Haven Tent is a good choice. Sure, the purist-spartan branch or leaf shelter has its charm and somehow belongs to the survival lifestyle. But let's be honest: After a long day full of challenges in the wilderness, even a hardy Bushcrafter appreciates a comfortable, dry sleeping place. And that's exactly what the Haven Tent offers - without having to compromise on robustness and off-road capability.

"The Haven Tent is perfect for those who often sleep outdoors and don't want to compromise on sleep comfort - whether hiking, canoeing, or backpacking!"

Advantages and Disadvantages for Different User Groups

  • Families with small children will appreciate the simplicity of the Haven Tents. However, it could quickly become cramped for more than two people - in this case, a larger group tent would be a better choice. Note: Do not overload, the normal and XL versions can carry a maximum of 129 kg.

My children and I had plenty of space in the Haven Tent XL
My children and I had plenty of space in the Haven Tent XL
  • Ultra-minimalists, speed hikers, and lightweight enthusiasts will likely opt for even more compact, spartan hammocks and tarps. Because despite its smart design, the Haven Tent is not an "ultra-lightweight".

My niece and I had a lot of fun in the Haven Tent
My niece and I had a lot of fun in the Haven Tent

The Haven Tent in Comparison

Now you have already heard a lot about the advantages of the Haven Tent. But how does it compare directly with other outdoor accommodations?

Here's a brief overview with a wink:

Advantages over…

  • Bivouacs: In the Haven Tent, you sleep like a king, while in a bivouac, you lie more like a buried clam in the sand. Rain and insect protection included!

  • Ground Tents: Never sleep on crooked roots or slippery muck again - in the Haven Tent, you float effortlessly above it all. It's practically the penthouse bungalow of tents.

  • Hammocks: Deep sleep instead of the banana effect, plus a complete protection package against wind and weather. How much is the fish? 🐟

Disadvantages compared to ultralight hammocks

Well, it's like in real life: There's always something. Compared to ultra-spartan hammocks, the Haven Tent doesn't make a blockbuster figure in terms of weight and pack size.

But hey, at least you're lying in Abraham's bosom and not like a piece of Prussian sausage.

"The Haven Tent is like a Swiss Army knife: It can do many things very well, but not everything perfectly. However, it is a reliable all-rounder for almost any outdoor situation!"

Here are my comparisons with my other systems.

Weight: Hammock Tarp System vs. Tarp System vs. Haven Tent

  • Haven Tent (hanging tent, four-season sleeping pad + tarp)
    • with three-season sleeping bag (1800 g): 5190 grams
    • with summer sleeping bag (990 g): 4380 grams
  • Hammock Tarp System
    • with three-season sleeping bag (1800 g) + sleeping pad: 4500 grams
    • with summer sleeping bag (990 g) + sleeping pad: 3690 grams
  • Tarp System (without hammock), not pictured
    • with three-season sleeping bag (1800 g) + sleeping pad: 3520 grams
    • with summer sleeping bag (990 g) + sleeping pad: 2710 grams
haven tent vergleich mit haengematte tarp system 1 en

Weight: Tent System vs. Haven Tent

  • Tent System
    • with three-season sleeping bag (1800 g) + sleeping pad: 3800 grams
    • with summer sleeping bag (990 g) + sleeping pad: 2990 grams
  • Haven Tent (hanging tent, four-season sleeping pad + tarp)
    • with three-season sleeping bag (1800 g): 5190 grams
    • with summer sleeping bag (990 g): 4380 grams
haven tent vergleich mit zelt system 1 en
  • Please note that you will probably still need a groundsheet for both the tarp and the tent system. I always put a groundsheet under my tent to protect it.
  • I have depicted the thicker three-season sleeping bag in the pictures here, which weighs 1800 grams. In the summer, I take the lightweight sleeping bag, which weighs only 990 grams. This reduces the total weight by another 810 grams.

Alternatives and Competing Products

Of course, there are other hammock tents and tarp systems on the market. However, many are either much more simply equipped or cost a fortune.

The Haven Tent is certainly not a bargain in terms of price, but in return, you get a well-thought-out, high-quality complete system. The overall package of function, comfort, and workmanship is simply right.

Some noteworthy alternatives would be, for example:

One thing is clear: At last, you have to decide for yourself which priorities you set for your outdoor accommodation.

For my part, I have found my perfect balance between comfort and functionality with the Haven Tent.

And if I have to lug a few more grams around for that - who cares? For that, I sleep like a king. 😉

viele haven tents aufgebaut

Price-Performance Ratio

Let's get to the exciting part: the dear money. Because clearly, the Haven Tent is not a bargain bin.

But is it worth its proud price? Here's a brief look at the price-performance ratio:

Acquisition Costs and Durability

At around $335, the Haven Tent XL as a complete set is certainly not an impulse purchase for in-between. However, you get a top-processed complete system with high durability.

"The Haven Tent is an investment in years of outdoor fun. For me, every dollar was worth it."

The robust materials and thoughtful construction are designed for frequent, multi-year use. You won't find scratches, small cracks, or worn spots anytime soon - no matter how often you drag your Haven Tent through the wilderness.

Comparison to cheaper and more expensive outdoor accommodations

Sure, a simple hammock, like the NATUREFUN Hammock with Mosquito Net or a bivy sack are much cheaper to get than the Haven Tent. But they do not offer nearly as much comfort and protection.

On the other hand, there are ultralight tents and tarp systems that are even pricier than the Haven Tent - without necessarily offering more.

"Quality has its price - but with the Haven Tent, you really get something for your money. Comparable luxury solutions often cost significantly more."

Compared to other high-quality outdoor accommodations like the Tentsile UNA or the Clark NX-270, the Haven Tent doesn't fare so badly in terms of price. It delivers a balanced overall package at a fair rate.

My children and my niece thoroughly testing the Haven Tent
My children and my niece thoroughly testing the Haven Tent

Is the investment worth it?

Whether the purchase is worth it for you personally depends, of course, on your preferences and your budget.

But as a rule of thumb, I would say:

  • If you frequently sleep outdoors (let's say more than 10 times a year)…
  • …and value sleep comfort and weather resistance…
  • …and are willing to spend a bit more for a durable, well-designed outdoor shelter…

…then the Haven Tent is surely a good deal for you.

"For me personally, the Haven Tent paid off after just the third night outside. Finally being off the ground, sleeping deeply relaxed, and waking up refreshed in the morning - priceless."

Because please note: The quality of your equipment depends on how much it helps you when you want to sleep. If you sleep restfully at night, that is a huge advantage.

Look at what the well-known Bushcrafter Mors Kochanski says:

The quality of a survival kit depends on how much it can help you when you want to sleep. If you can sleep well at night, you've made it. - Mors Kochanski

Do you also know that feeling when you're out with others and sleeping in the wilderness? There is always THAT one question:

"And, how did you sleep?"

I'll be honest: My first night was usually as bad as the kebab around the corner. And mostly because everything in my hammock shifted or I lay crooked like a banana.

This no longer happens to me with the Haven Tent.

A former infantry soldier on YouTube sums it up quite well:

"Sleep is the most important thing for me on the trail, and I gladly carry the weight of a system that provides both protection and comfort. I sleep better in my Haven than in my bed."

Bargain hunters and ultralight enthusiasts might find the price a bit steep.

But those who have the financial means and a sense for outdoor quality will get a formidable "all-inclusive package" with the Haven Tent, which quickly pays for itself.

So: Count less bills, watch more stars! 🌟

My tips for you to sleep especially restfully in the Haven Tent

So that you can sleep really restfully in the Haven Tent and get the most out of it, here are a few tips from me:

  • Most importantly, make sure the ridgeline (the main line) is nice and tight. Only then will the sleeping pad lie completely flat. Always pitch the tent as high as possible without stressing the trees too much.
  • Make sure your hips are exactly in the middle of the curve. This way, your weight is optimally distributed and nothing sags.
  • If you want more fresh air, simply roll up the sides of the tarp and secure them with the Velcro fasteners. Even from the inside - how practical is that? In case of rain or wind, it's better to keep it nice and tight.
  • Too humid in the tent? Then tighten the guy lines of the tarp nice and taut outward, with at least 20 cm of space to the hammock. This way, condensation water will dissipate better, and your cocoon will stay dry!
  • Always inflate the pad fully - especially in cold weather. Because if the trapped air contracts when it cools down, it will otherwise become too soft overnight.
  • If you want to pack the sleeping pad again, simply open the valve, roll out all the air, and fold the pad in half.
  • Make sure the tarp is properly tensioned - especially in wind and weather! Also use the side attachment loops for this.

Here's another clever hack: Simply hang your backpack with mini carabiners on the ridgeline in the foot area. This way, you have everything within reach, it doesn't get in the way, and it stays guaranteed dry.

And if others are envious of your "canopy bed," just tell them where they can get a 10% discount (psst, it's all the way at the bottom 👇).

Conclusion: My Final Verdict on the Haven Tent

So, enough of the long words - time for a crisp conclusion! Here are the key points about the Haven Tent at a glance:

Summary of the main pros and cons

👍 Advantages:

  • Ingeniously flat, comfortable lying surface thanks to patented design
  • Excellent weather protection through robust, waterproof hammock and tarp
  • Reliable insect protection through fine-mesh, fully enclosing mosquito net
  • Thoughtful details like integrated pockets and adjustable straps
  • Durable, high-quality workmanship with strong materials
  • Quick, intuitive setup and easy handling
  • For tall people, there is the XL version
  • Equipment can be secured inside on a sturdy line
  • Can be set up on the ground as a bivouac without trees using trekking poles
  • All components in the set are coordinated with each other

👎 Disadvantages:

  • Proud price of around $335 for the XL set - not for tight budgets
  • At about 3.4 kg / 7,5 pounds, not an ultralightweight for bargain hunters
  • Too tight for more than two people

Who is the Haven Tent recommended for?

The Haven Tent is made for…

  • …Outdoor enthusiasts who do not want to compromise on sleeping comfort even in the wilderness.
  • …Frequent campers who are looking for a durable, reliable outdoor accommodation for any weather.
  • …Nature lovers who prefer to sleep elevated.
  • …Bushcrafters and survivalists who value a robust, off-road shelter solution.

Rather not suitable for…

  • …ultralight lovers and weight enthusiasts (unless comfort is more important than every gram).
  • …fair-weather campers and occasional holidaymakers (a cheaper hammock will do here as well).
  • …groups and families with more than two people (unless everyone is swinging in their Haven Tent)
In the Haven Tent XL you lie straight - simply dreamy
In the Haven Tent XL you lie straight - simply dreamy

Personal Summary and Recommendation

Sure, cheap is different. But the investment is worth it if you use the Haven Tent often and intensively. It is a top-quality, clever, and extremely versatile piece of equipment that has already given me many restful nights in the forest and at seminars.

"For me as a frequent camper and outdoor enthusiast, the Haven Tent is a level-up among hammocks. I just like how it combines comfort, weather protection, and closeness to nature!"

My honest recommendation:

If you have the necessary budget and a love for sleeping outdoors, you will love the Haven Tent! Just order, hang it up, snuggle in, and never venture into nature without it again. But be careful: it's addictive! 😉

From me, the Haven Tent gets a clear purchase recommendation with 4.8 out of 5 stars. Points are deducted only for the proud price and the not quite ultralight weight - but that's all the criticism there is.

My conclusion coincides with the feedback from the community: Most users confirm the excellent sleeping comfort and the clever complete equipment of the Haven Tents. Many consider the investment justified given the quality offered.

haven tent aufgebaut 2

There are, however, also critical voices: above all, the hefty weight and the too-short attachment straps were repeatedly criticized. And of course, the proud price is polarizing - for ultra-light purists, the Haven Tent is clearly 'too much'.

haven tent mit mir drin innen

Bottom line: The Haven Tent is a top choice for anyone who doesn't want to compromise on outdoor comfort and is willing to accept a few extra grams for it.

Those who are looking for a maximally lightweight and simple set-up are better off with classic hammocks or tarps (here is my best list).

So, and now off into the wilderness with you! Whether with Haven Tent or without - the main thing is to get out and enjoy nature.

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Also check out the "Creator Cashback Program". There you can get up to 100% of the purchase price refunded!

Disclosure: I received the Haven Tent free of charge to test. The fact is: I do not accept anything in return for a positive review and always give a fair, balanced opinion. If I don't like something, I say so. Even though I received the tent for free, an honest review is important to me, which no manufacturer can influence.

And now I wish you unforgettable, starry nights and crisp, fresh mornings out there.

Thank you for reading, you are brilliant if you made it this far. 🙏

Take care, Martin
Martin Gebhardt

Author of the guide

Martin Gebhardt

Hey, I'm Martin. On my blog, you will learn the basics and numerous details about living in the wild. I think survival, bushcraft and the good life in nature are the keys to happiness. Find me here on Instagram or on YouTube. You can find more about my mission on the About Me page.

Since this is a gear guide, here ...

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  1. Practical Experience: I have tested most of the products I recommend under extreme conditions myself.

  2. Independence: As a wilderness mentor, I am not tied to any specific brands - this means my recommendations are unbiased.

  3. Expertise: My many years of experience allow me to understand the intricacies and details of various products that a layperson might overlook.

  4. Target group understanding: I understand the needs and challenges of outdoor enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned experts.

  5. Quality focus: I attach great importance to quality and longevity. These are characteristics that are crucial in the wild.

  6. Clear communication: I try to explain the pros and cons of each product clearly and understandably so that you can make an informed decision.

  7. Currentness: I always keep my guides up to date and adapt them to new findings or products.

  8. Community Feedback: I work in wilderness schools, teach courses myself, attend courses and am active in various outdoor and survival communities and therefore integrate the feedback and experiences of others into my recommendations.

So when I introduce the best survival knives or flashlights, you can be sure that every recommendation is based on solid experience and extensive knowledge.

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