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These 6 facts teach you how to get into survival training through camping

Camping advances you in survival: You learn to handle the equipment better, to set up your camp, to make a fire and to prepare food.

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These 6 facts teach you how to get into survival training through camping

Martin Gebhardt

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👉 The key facts from this guide

  • When camping, you learn to prepare food without electricity and try out different cooking methods.
  • You learn how to sleep safely in the forest and choose the right campsite.
  • Camping helps you adapt to nature and appreciate the simple life.
  • Starting a fire and proper fire management are important skills you learn while camping.
  • You learn how to stay warm and use the appropriate equipment and techniques to protect yourself from the cold.
  • Camping shows you how to live without electricity and become resourceful in finding fun and entertainment.

Camping is a great way to start the journey into survival training.

When camping, you can learn many of the skills and techniques you need to survive in any situation.

In addition, you will become familiar with the natural environment, allowing you to better assess potential dangers and threats.

In addition, when camping, you have the opportunity to train your problem-solving skills while dealing with the challenges of nature.

I want to show you six important points that are worth starting camping.

1. To start, camping teaches you how to cook without electricity

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and get away from everyday life. For starters, camping teaches you how to cook without electricity.

One can make a fire to cook on an open grill or heat homemade meals in metal containers over the fire.

camping grill essen haehnchen

Alternatively, food can be roasted or baked over a campfire without the need for a kitchen stove.

Another popular method of cooking while camping is "Dutch Oven Cooking", which allows for the use of coals and pot lids for various types of recipes. When done correctly, this method can be used to prepare delicious desserts and main dishes.

With some practice, it is possible to prepare meals without electricity and kitchen utensils - so you can truly go camping outdoors.

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2. Camping teaches you how to sleep in the forest

Camping is a great way to explore the forest and enjoy nature. It also teaches you how to sleep safely in the woods.

That includes considering the best sleeping spot - whether it's a cave, a meadow, or a forest. You should also be aware of the dangers in the forest, such as rotten branches above your campsite. Even if you use a tent, you should set it up in a location that poses no hazards.

And not to be overlooked are the fears and insecurities that arise when sleeping in the forest. Read my guide "Overcoming Fears, Sleeping Outside: Valuable Practical Tips for Your Night Alone in the Forest".

schlafen in der haengematte

It is also important to check your equipment before going to sleep and to inform yourself about the local weather conditions; this way you can anticipate and avoid unforeseen events. With the right preparation, everyone can enjoy their comfort in the forest and sleep safely.

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3. Camping teaches you to adapt to nature

Through camping, you learn to appreciate the simple life and let go of the comforts of everyday life. You will spend more time outdoors instead of sitting in front of the television and can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

There are so many things to discover and experience when you are in nature! You can observe the animals, search for animal tracks, or go hiking and enjoy the view of the countryside.

tierspuren im schnee

Furthermore, you will be surprised how much you learn about nature when you adapt and use your senses. Camping also teaches you about pushing your limits and gives you a sense of self-efficacy that is hard to describe in words.

4. Camping teaches you how to make fire

There are many skills that can be learned while camping, including proper fire making.

Before you start a fire, you must make sure that you are camping in a suitable environment and have all the necessary permits (Can you make a fire in the forest?).

flamme ins lagerfeuer bringen

You also need to find the right place to start the fire and make sure it doesn't become dangerous. Additionally, you need dry wood and tinder to ignite the fire.

Once you have everything prepared, you can try to ignite the fire using matches or a lighter. When the flame is burning, you should make sure it doesn't go out and regularly add new wood.

If you can then make a fire with matches or a lighter, you increase your learning curve and use something like a fire steel, a striker with flint (Find all the important facts about flint in my guide here) or even a bow drill.

feuer entzuenden feuerstahl

If you follow these steps, you can learn how to make a safe and stable campfire, which is essential for every camping adventure.

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5. Camping teaches you how to stay warm

It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure that you stay warm in a cold environment. Camping teaches us to use the right materials to keep ourselves warm.

You should always wear the right outdoor clothing and use special equipment like sleeping bags or insulating mats.

im zelt schlafsack warm bleiben

We also learn various techniques to protect and insulate our body. Some ways include layering clothing, using heating pads, and building a fire under a shelter.

Camping is a great way to not only learn how to deal with the cold, but also to immerse yourself deeper into nature and enjoy the natural beauty of life.

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6. Camping teaches you how to live without electricity

Without electricity, television, internet, and streaming services, it is the perfect opportunity to leave everyday life behind and enjoy nature.

Instead of relying on battery-powered devices or other modern conveniences, campers must learn to live off the grid and make do with simpler means.

That may be a challenge at first, but when camping, you learn to be resourceful and have fun without being connected around the clock.

This can help us become more independent and appreciate the little things in life that doesn't require electricity.

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A night outdoors camping offers hours of "survival training".

Why does camping move you forward?

You learn to handle the equipment better, for example setting up camp, making a fire, and preparing food.

Cowboy Kaffee camping kaffee machen

You also get to know yourself better by facing challenges that you never thought possible. And you learn tips and tricks for survival that can be useful in an emergency.

With a few hours of camping, you will learn important outdoor skills that will help you survive when faced with an unexpected challenge.

Whether it's about reading a map with a compass or building a shelter - it is essential to have these skills ready in case of emergency. Spending a night camping is not only fun, but also serves as practice for survival.

der kompass gehoert zur essentiellen wildnisausruestung

In addition, it is significant to follow the principles of the "Leave No Trace" principle, which means planning ahead and properly disposing of waste.

And camping is a great way to connect with nature, appreciate its beauty, and develop a deeper understanding of our world.

Take care, Martin
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