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Bushcraft Trends 2024: My Top Trends that are Coming into Focus This Year.

Discover the latest Bushcraft trends 2024 for an ultimate outdoor adventure. Learn what is popular in the world of Bushcraft this year.

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Bushcraft Trends 2024: My Top Trends that are Coming into Focus This Year.

Martin Gebhardt

From Martin Gebhardt. Check out my “About me” page.

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Bushcraft becomes more minimalist in 2024: less equipment, more focus on technique and creativity with natural resources.
  • Sustainable Bushcrafting: Importance of protecting natural resources and implementing sustainable practices like "Leave No Trace".
  • Increasing interest in wild plants: Learning to safely identify and use edible plants, supported by helpful digital resources.
  • Integration of modern technologies in Bushcraft: Use of apps and digital tools to improve safety and navigation in the wilderness.
  • Combining traditional survival techniques with modern approaches to expand skills and efficiency in Bushcraft.
  • 2024 brings new challenges and necessities regarding dealing with laws and regulations for Bushcrafters due to increasing popularity and regulatory issues.

The trend is unmistakable: More and more people are drawn to the great outdoors.

Bushcraft is booming like never before!

My survey from 2023 confirms this: Almost 40% of respondents have started with this fascinating hobby in the past 2 years. In a complex world, we long for simplicity and connection with nature.

Bushcraft allows you to escape everyday life and focus on the essentials.

Bushcraft: With little equipment, but the necessary knowledge, you experience a feeling of freedom and adventure.

If you also want to make 2024 your bushcraft year, then you've come to the right place. In this guide, I'll reveal my most exciting trends, challenges in Bushcrafting 2024, and provide tips for your bushcraft adventure.

What are you waiting for? Pack your hobo stove and dive into Bushcraft Trends 2024.

Trend 1: Bushcraft in 2024 will be more minimalist: Less is more in the wilderness

2024 we set off with less luggage. We discover that with the right technique and a few well-chosen tools, you can achieve great things in the wilderness.

Definition and Meaning of Minimalism in the Wilderness

Minimalism in the Wilderness is the magic word for those who truly want to feel nature. It's about taking only the essentials and focusing on the essentials.

Nature becomes both a playground and a teacher. One learns to be creative with less equipment and to use the surroundings to survive and feel comfortable.

A fire, a snack, a tarp, and a knife - sometimes that's all you need
A fire, a snack, a tarp, and a knife - sometimes that's all you need

Instead of an overloaded backpack, often a sharp knife, a fire starter, a shelter, and provisions are sufficient.

This approach not only promotes a deeper connection to nature, but also sharpens our skills and senses.

With minimalism in the wilderness, we discover the art of simplicity.

This way of traveling and camping shows us that luxury lies in the peace and simplicity of nature.

The noise of the world stays behind us as we learn to achieve more with less.

With the right technique and equipment, a lot can be achieved with little luggage

With a little know-how and the right tools, you can tackle big adventures with minimal equipment. Imagine yourself deep in the forest - just you and nature. No heavy backpacks weighing you down.

Sounds good, right? This is where the right technique comes into play. With efficient methods and good tools, the need for luggage can be greatly reduced. That means less carrying and more enjoying the wilderness.

This is another way Bushcraft can look - it doesn't always have to be an overnighter
This is another way Bushcraft can look - it doesn't always have to be an overnighter

A lightweight sleeping bag, a compact tent, and a versatile knife - that could be enough. They provide comfort and protection without carrying much weight.

So you can focus on the essentials: Experiencing the wilderness. Simply put, it's not about how much you have, but how you use it.

Minimalism in bushcraft has advantages and disadvantages that everyone has to weigh for themselves

Minimalism in Bushcraft means being out and about with less and lighter equipment. At first glance, this sounds great because you have to carry less. But less luggage can also mean less comfort and safety.

You should think very carefully about what you need and what you don't.

My journey to minimalism was a process. At the beginning, I thought I needed numerous gadgets and tools to survive in nature. So, I tried out a lot, gained experiences, and learned along the way.

Eventually, I realized: I can actually manage with much less equipment than I thought. What's more, I feel truly liberated and harmonizing with nature when I only have the essentials with me.

A simple example: I used to always carry a fork in my backpack. Now, I leave it at home. Why bother, when I can carve a skewer in 2 minutes?

Of course, the minimalist bushcraft style requires a lot of knowledge and experience. You must be confident in being able to manage with few tools and be able to create many things yourself.

But that's exactly what fascinates me: the feeling of being able to live in the wilderness with a minimum of equipment.

Back to the essentials, harmonizing with nature. Bushcraft in its purest form.

My tip for you: Don't overload yourself with equipment, but find out what you really need. This is an exciting learning process. Make your own experiences, listen to your intuition. Over time, you will develop a sense of what works for you.

It's your very own journey. And believe me: It's an incredibly liberating feeling when you realize that you can manage in nature with just a few belongings. Give it a try!

Trend 2: Sustainability becomes the buzzword for responsible Bushcrafting in 2024

Sustainability is all the rage in 2024 - we are learning to protect nature while living in it.

99.5% of the participants in my Survival Bushcraft Survey 2023 believe that it is the duty of humans to protect nature.

This is especially true for us Bushcrafters, as we love the forest. What could be more natural than to protect it and keep our footprint as small as possible.

For many bushcrafters, it is important to keep the impact on nature as minimal as possible
For many bushcrafters, it is important to keep the impact on nature as minimal as possible

Meaning of Sustainability in Nature

Sustainability in nature means taking care of our forests and rivers. It's like a pact between us and the Earth. We don't take more than we need, and we don't leave any waste behind.

This is how we ensure that nature is still there for our children.

Remember, everything we do affects animals and plants.

So when I'm in the forest, I only use deadwood and pay attention to where I pitch my tent. This even extends to me taking a closer look at the deadwood - after all, it is also a habitat for countless insects.

Here is my list to live more sustainably:

  • Apply "Leave No Trace" principles: Leave nature as you found it. Avoid litter, stay on trails, and respect wildlife.
  • Avoid and take away trash: Avoid packaging waste and always take away and dispose of any generated waste properly.
  • Use environmentally friendly equipment: Opt for durable, repairable, and sustainably produced equipment.
  • Prefer recycled and natural materials: Choose clothing made from recycled fibers or natural materials like organic cotton, hemp, or wool.
  • Utilize local resources: Shop locally and support regional products to minimize transportation distances.
  • Mindfulness for flora and fauna: Respect plants and animals, avoid picking plants unnecessarily or disturbing animals.
  • Camp environmentally friendly: Stay at designated campsites, only make fires in designated areas.
  • Conserve water: Use water sparingly, use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Gentle mobility: Use public transportation, carpooling, or biking to reach the starting point.
  • Get involved: Participate in nature conservation projects, clean-up actions, or trail maintenance.
  • Sustainable catering: Opt for reusable instead of disposable tableware, avoid food waste.
  • Practice minimalism: Only take the essentials, practice restraint where possible.

Protecting nature is not difficult. It starts with small steps: use less plastic, dispose of trash properly, and allow wild animals to have their space.

kindern pflanzen baum

The word "sustainability" is full of meaning. For us Bushcrafters, it will be the buzzword in 2024. Living eco-friendly also means preserving the beauty of nature.

We show respect by walking through the forest without leaving a trace. This means not damaging any trees or plants and keeping water sources clean.

I go so far as to say: With every trip into nature, I have the opportunity to make it a little better.

Do you know the term "Caretaker"?

In wilderness education, the term "Caretaker" plays an important role, albeit with a slightly different meaning than in general language use.

In this context, "Caretaker" refers to a person who acts as a guardian and preserver of nature and wilderness knowledge.

A Caretaker in wilderness education usually has a deep understanding of ecological relationships and traditional wilderness skills.

The tasks of a Caretaker in wilderness education can include:

  1. Knowledge transfer: Caretakers pass on their knowledge of flora, fauna, wilderness survival, and nature-connected ways of life to others, often in the form of courses or workshops, such as in the Wildimpuls program.
  2. Nature conservation: They advocate for the preservation of natural habitats and promote a respectful interaction with nature.
  3. Role model: Through their deep connection to nature and their mindful lifestyle, Caretakers serve as role models and inspiration for others.
  4. Preservation of traditions: Caretakers often strive to preserve and pass on traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples, such as plant use or craft techniques.

Whether I'm distributing seeds of native plants or helping maintain hiking trails – every contribution counts.

In wilderness education, the Caretaker assumes a role as a mentor, teacher, and conservationist. They raise an awareness of the interconnectedness of humans and nature, inspiring others to treat our environment with care.

Environmentally friendly behavior in the forest is becoming increasingly important for Bushcrafters

For a Bushcrafter like me who loves and respects the wilderness, environmentally friendly behavior is becoming increasingly important. We live in a time when our forests and natural resources need more protection than ever before.

These actions demonstrate our respect for nature and ensure that we preserve the wilderness intact for future generations.

My kids also want to go into the forest - we should therefore protect nature more
My kids also want to go into the forest - we should therefore protect nature more

A sustainable use of the resources of the forest should be a matter of the heart for every Bushcrafter. By consciously deciding which traces we leave behind, we set an example for responsible Bushcrafting.

Every time I go into the wilderness, I wonder:

How can I make my stay in a way that leaves less and preserves more?

Because at the end of the day, it is this respect for the environment that defines true Bushcrafting.

Trend 3: 2024 brings exciting innovations in bushcraft tools and materials

2024 will bring a lot of excitement to the bushcraft world. We are looking at new tools and materials that will change outdoor life. Gone are the days of trekking into the wilderness with heavy gear.

holzgriff eines messers mit klinge

In my time as a wilderness mentor, I have learned that every purchase of equipment should be carefully considered. The new tools and materials coming out in 2024 are no exception.

They are scrutinized (as in my product reviews) to ensure that they are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. We examine everything - from the durability of the knives to the biodegradability of the ropes and fire steels.

Our equipment must support us in nature without harming it.

Being well-equipped does not mean having the latest of the new, but having the right thing.

This exam brings exciting challenges. Once I found a tent that promised to be ultralight and at the same time extremely resistant to the elements.

It turned out that it was made from a new, recyclable material - a great example of how efficiency and sustainability can go hand in hand.

I like to share such discoveries with my community because they show that sustainable innovations are possible and promote a more conscious approach to our equipment.

So get ready to discover 2024 new products that are innovative and sustainable.

Trend 4: The interest in edible plants will increase in 2024

In 2024, we will go on an exciting exploration journey into the world of edible wild plants. Instead of browsing in the supermarket, we will head out into forests and meadows to collect our food directly from nature.

Everything on the dandelion is edible, even the root
Everything on the dandelion is edible, even the root

We learn which plants are not only delicious, but also nutritious and how to safely identify them. From herbs to berries - nature offers us a surprising variety of ingredients for our kitchen.

With a little practice and the right knowledge, every walk turns into a culinary adventure.

Guide to the Safe Identification and Use of Edible Wild Plants

Identifying and safely using edible wild plants is a true art - but it is incredibly fun.

Toxic look-alikes are naturally a challenge, but that's why I created an e-book specifically for that. Check it out here.

It's better to stay away from the Arum plant - some say it can be confused with wild garlic
It's better to stay away from the Arum plant - some say it can be confused with wild garlic

Plus, I urge you to understand how important it is to respect our plant world and act sustainably. Awareness of the diversity on our doorstep not only strengthens you as a Bushcrafter, but also in your connection to nature.

Recipes and Applications for Edible Plants in Bushcraft

Edible wild plants are not only emergency food (here is my ultimate guide to emergency food in the forest). They can be a real feast. With a few simple tricks, you can turn berries, leaves, and roots into delicious dishes.

In spring, the garlic mustard plant grows in the forest - mild in taste and not as garlic-strong as wild garlic
In spring, the garlic mustard plant grows in the forest - mild in taste and not as garlic-strong as wild garlic

You will be amazed at how many plants around you are edible. The best part? They are free and can be found everywhere.

Nature is the best supermarket, you just need to know what to buy.

Let's get creative in 2024. How about a salad made from dandelion leaves?

Or how about a tea made from fresh Douglas fir needles after a cold day outside?

These simple recipes turn bushcraft into a culinary adventure.

Here are more helpful guides from me on edible plants:

Trend 5: Traditional survival techniques meet modern approaches in 2024

Old knowledge meets fresh ideas - in 2024 we bring together the best of both worlds.

We combine ancient survival techniques with the latest technologies. Imagine discovering an exciting plant, but using an app that shows you if the plant is edible.

mann mit rucksack schaut auf smartphone im wald

Or you can navigate by the stars while a digital device provides you with additional security. This combination not only makes bushcraft more exciting, but also safer and more efficient.

But beware: The technology does not replace your skills, but complements them meaningfully.

In 2024, traditional and modern survival techniques come together excitingly. I have tried both and can tell you: Both worlds have their advantages.

With old techniques, such as making fire without matches or navigating by the stars, one feels close to nature. These skills require patience and practice, but the satisfaction is great when it works.

orientierung mit den sternen polarstern grosser wagen en

However, modern tools such as GPS devices and weatherproof clothing made from new materials greatly facilitate wilderness living. Knowledge about edible plants can now be easily acquired through an app, instead of carrying around thick books.

I enjoy knowing old techniques, but I also like to use modern equipment for my safety and convenience. The art is in combining the best of both worlds.

Bushcrafters adapt their survival strategies to the challenges of the future

We Bushcrafters live for the wilderness. But nature is changing, and we must evolve with it. Traditional knowledge is now merging with modern techniques. This is how new survival strategies are being created to prepare us for future challenges.

We learn to do more with less, while expanding our abilities through the use of technology.

Tradition and modernity merge into a unity in the art of Bushcrafting.

Being outdoors means constantly learning. With apps for plant identification or navigation, we not only strengthen our knowledge, but also protect nature.

Here is my list of apps for plant identification:

  1. PlantNet: Identifies plants based on photos by comparing them with a reference database. Focuses on wild plants, not ornamental plants. Free for Android and iOS.

  2. Flora Incognita: Identifies over 4800 native plant species in Germany using AI. Provides detailed plant profiles. Free and ad-free for Android and iOS.

  3. iNaturalist: Global community identifies plants and animals based on uploaded photos. Free for Android and iOS.

  4. Flora Helvetica: Free mini-app with limited scope and a paid Pro version (approx. 100 €) with over 3300 Swiss plant species. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

  5. PictureThis: Identifies plants with a 98% accuracy rate using AI, provides care tips. Free basic version and paid options up to 54.99 €. For Android and iOS.

  6. Google Lens: Reliable plant identification using AI and a vast database. Free to use via Google Play Store (Android) or Google App (iOS).

The apps vary in scope, specialization, user-friendliness, and price, but all provide a good foundation for plant identification for beginners.

It's a give and take - a constant adapting to the surrounding changes. The future of Bushcrafting looks exciting because we don't forget the old, but bravely embrace the new.

In spring very tasty: The shoot tips of the Douglas fir
In spring very tasty: The shoot tips of the Douglas fir

Trend 6: Apps and digital assistants make navigation easier and increase safety in 2024

With apps and digital assistants through the forest - in 2024 we navigate safer than ever!

Have you ever stood in the middle of the forest and wondered which direction to take? Well, in 2024, that's no longer a problem. Thanks to the latest apps and digital helpers, Bushcrafters can easily find their way through the densest forests.

These clever little helpers not only show us where we are, but also how to get from A to B without getting lost. But the best part? They significantly increase our safety.

Imagine having an app that alerts you when a storm is approaching or shows you the nearest drinking water source. Sounds pretty good, right?

im wald mit wetter app

Use of Apps and Digital Tools for Navigation and Safety

Apps and digital tools can be real lifesavers in the wilderness. In 2024, we are increasingly relying on them to navigate our way through unfamiliar terrain. They help us identify dangers and, if necessary, call for help quickly.

Especially in remote corners where every step counts, these helpers make the adventure safer and more exciting. We also discover hidden places and gather information about our surroundings like never before.

This way we are better prepared. They allow us to plan our tours precisely while respecting the environment. This combination of ancient Bushcrafting skills and new technology is the key to enjoying the wilderness safely in 2024.

The role of technology in the wilderness remains a controversial topic

Outdoor Technology - a blessing for some, almost a curse for others. I have experienced both on my tours. There were moments when Google Maps safely guided me through dense undergrowth.

But there have also been times when I wondered if we are becoming too dependent on our devices. It is and remains a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, there is the security that digital assistants provide.

On the other hand, the question arises whether they distract us from the actual experience, the direct connection with nature.

waldbrandgefahr schweiz apps

The introduction of these tools has undoubtedly changed the way we explore the wilderness. They make it easier to navigate and avoid emergencies.

But every time I pull out my smartphone to check a route or identify an edible plant, I wonder: Are we losing the ability to rely on our senses and instincts because of this?

I believe it depends on how we use these technologies.

You can be a helper without losing our understanding of nature. It remains a topic that will continue to occupy us outdoor enthusiasts for a long time.

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Trend 7: Acquiring Bushcraft and Wilderness Knowledge Online

The internet will be your best friend in the forest? Yes, this topic is controversial, but unstoppable for years.

There are tons of videos, websites, and online courses waiting for you on the web that show you how to start a fire, which plants are edible, or how to read animal tracks in the snow.

Educational opportunities for bushcraft beginners are growing

The internet is full of videos about bushcraft and survival in the wilderness.

But often the red thread is missing. One feels like in the jungle, only without a compass. Fortunately, workshops and educational offerings for beginners are increasing - both offline and online.

You are like a map guiding through the thicket. Finally, you can learn in a structured way how to start a fire, find edible plants, craft bushcraft tools, or build a shelter.

wildnisfertigkeiten online kurse sinnvoll oder nicht

The good news: You no longer have to learn by trial and error alone.

Experienced mentors show step-by-step in courses and online programs how it's done.

These offers are fantastic and also provide an exchange among each other.

You save time and nerves and make every trip into nature safer and more enjoyable. This way, knowledge about bushcraft grows methodically - exactly what beginners have been missing so far.

As a founder and certified wilderness educator, I have launched a twelve-month online learning program with Wildimpuls (only in German). My goal is to support nature enthusiasts in learning valuable bushcraft and wilderness skills and establishing a deep connection to nature.

Through weekly missions, high-quality instructional videos, and community interaction, participants can grow together step by step. I am convinced that this can make a valuable contribution to a fulfilling and conscious life.

👉 Take a closer look at the Wildimpuls program here

Or let's take a look at - the wilderness network. The platform serves as a course finder and network to help interested parties find suitable nature experiences and wilderness schools.

Unlike Wildimpuls, the focus here is not on its own online learning offer, but on the provision of face-to-face courses from various providers.

nl wildnet

Trend 8: Physical fitness will be a part of bushcraft adventures in 2024

Ready for the wilderness? In 2024, no one will get by without a good dose of fitness! Bushcraft adventures challenge us physically, from long hikes to building a shelter.

The fact is: If you have ever built a real bushcraft shelter, made fire with the bow drill, or produced buckskin leather, you know what your body is capable of.

I am processing a suede skin during the tanning process
I am processing a suede skin during the tanning process

Importance of Physical Preparation for Bushcraft Activities

Being physically fit is almost like having an extra tool in your backpack. I tell you, without good condition, you might quickly realize that the wilderness is not only beautiful but also quite demanding.

I remember a tour at the beginning of my outdoor adventures. I thought I was well-prepared. However, after just a few kilometers with my gear (23 kg backpack) through dense undergrowth, I realized: without the right preparation, I am lost outdoors.

I couldn't manage more than 5 kilometers, and to be honest, I felt embarrassed in front of my companion. That evening, sitting by the campfire, I pondered and made the decision that I needed physical training. Since that moment, I have been training with kettlebells at home.

Exercises to increase endurance and strength are therefore essential before embarking on the adventure. And I believe that training outdoors in the forest is also wonderful.

Building a camp in a short time can be very challenging
Building a camp in a short time can be very challenging

Please keep in mind, nature does not forgive negligence. Believe me, a sprain or exhaustion in the middle of nowhere is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. To prevent that from happening, I regularly incorporate running and strength training into my daily routine.

These activities are like sharpening my knives - they keep me sharp for every adventure that lies ahead. So every tour becomes not just an experience, but a good time in nature.

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Health and well-being in nature come into focus

Being healthy and feeling good will be a top priority in 2024 - especially in nature. We all know that exercise is important. But it's about more than just muscles and endurance.

Being outdoors, taking deep breaths, and enjoying the tranquility of the forests… not only strengthens the body, but also the mind.

A brisk walk in the forest or a quiet moment by the campfire - all of this works wonders for our well-being. And I promise you: Once you have experienced the silence of nature and deeply inhaled the fresh air, you will want more of it.

Also, peace and mindfulness are important points for a healthy body and mind
Also, peace and mindfulness are important points for a healthy body and mind

That's why in 2024 we pack our backpacks lighter, take better care of ourselves, and fully enjoy our time outdoors. It's not just about surviving the next hike.

It's about a life full of adventure, health, and happiness.

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Trend 9: In 2024, Bushcrafters will increasingly have to deal with laws and regulations

2024 is the year for Bushcrafters: Into the books, instead of just the woods! Because the trend shows that we have to deal more with laws and regulations to pursue our passion.

45.09% of the participants in my Bushcraft-Survival Survey 2023 stated that they have a strong interest in a designated wilderness, survival, and bushcraft area in their region.

And yes, the topic is constantly present.

Recently, I received another letter from Joachim:

Practically, the nature reserve begins right outside my front door. Unfortunately, this also means legal issues. Although I am interested in your online program "Wildimpuls," I will probably have difficulty implementing the information contained in it.

And Joachim is not alone in this. I repeatedly receive letters on the topics "Making fire in the forest", "Sleeping in the forest", "Fishing at a lake", or "Can I even take sticks from the forest?".

More and more requests from Bushcrafters are being brought to forest owners

Therefore, more and more Bushcrafters will probably knock on the doors of forest owners or communities. They ask for permission to use the forests for their adventures. As someone who has been in the woods many times, I have witnessed this change myself.

Nature is calling, and we Bushcrafters want to answer that call - always with respect for the forest and its inhabitants.

This shows that our hobby is becoming more popular. However, it also means that we need to get along well with the forest owners. We all share a love for nature. Therefore, we must respect their rules.

This is how we ensure that we can pursue our passion for Bushcraft safely and responsibly.

Bushcraft in 2024: Balancing Tradition and Modernity

We have reached the end of trends - and 2024 brings us an exciting mix.

We combine time-tested techniques with fresh, modern approaches.

These ideas also flow into our bushcraft adventures. It's like rediscovering the world, and hopefully with a deep appreciation for what has always been there.

The technology continues to make its way into the wilderness, and we must be careful not to lose our roots. Apps guide us safely through the forest, while we also learn how people lived with the least effort in the past.

This mix of old and new makes Bushcraft 2024 particularly exciting. We find ways to protect nature while experiencing it.

It's about living minimally, but experiencing maximally.

The future of Bushcrafting lies in the connection of experiencing nature and acting responsibly

The fact is: Bushcrafting is more than just a hobby - it is a way of life that teaches us to live in harmony with nature. We are facing a future where understanding and appreciating nature are crucial.

By acting responsibly, we show our respect for the environment and thus ensure the survival of the wilderness for future generations. It is about experiencing the beauty and diversity of nature without causing harm to it.

In my role as a wilderness mentor, I see daily how important it is to think and act sustainably. We must learn to use resources wisely while keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible.

The future of Bushcrafting will depend on our ability to see nature not only as a backdrop for adventures, but as a valuable treasure, indeed, as our home that needs to be preserved.

Finally, my call to you:

The most important thing is that you dare to go out and experience the beauty yourself. Pack your things, put on your most comfortable shoes, and discover how you can enjoy nature even more intensely with the trends of 2024.

I wish you lots of fun and stay curious.

Take care, Martin
Martin Gebhardt

Author of the guide

Martin Gebhardt

Hey, I'm Martin. On my blog, you will learn the basics and numerous details about living in the wild. I think survival, bushcraft and the good life in nature are the keys to happiness. Find me here on Instagram or on YouTube. You can find more about my mission on the About Me page.

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