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100 Ideas for Microadventures with Kids - Finally More Fun in Nature

Discover over 100 ideas for microadventures with children in nature. Fresh air, community, and fun for families and teens.

from Martin Gebhardt | Wilderness education | no comment yet | reading time 22 Min
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100 Ideas for Microadventures with Kids - Finally More Fun in Nature

Martin Gebhardt

From Martin Gebhardt. Check out my “About me” page.

👉 The key facts from this guide

  • Microadventures are cost-effective and uncomplicated ways to discover nature.
  • They require no extensive equipment and can often be implemented spontaneously.
  • The activities promote creativity and connection to nature of children and create family activities.
  • Outdoor experiences strengthen the sense of togetherness and provide relaxation for parents and children.
  • There are various ideas for microadventures that are suitable for every age group.
  • From physical challenges like climbing trees to quieter activities like stargazing - the possibilities are versatile.

Dad, can we do this again tomorrow?

My sons asked with shining eyes.

But four hours ago, it looked like this:

My kids are restless and the 5th visit to the swimming pool was no change. The problem is familiar to many families - and to me as well.

But how can you quench your thirst for something new without spending a fortune or having to make extensive travel plans?

This is where the magical world of microadventures comes in, which I would like to introduce to you - small trips that score big in family experiences.

As an experienced wilderness educator and father, I have been experiencing microadventures with my family and school classes for over 7 years.

martin gebhardt mit familie

I have organized many projects like this. Today I will show you how to create lasting memories with simple means.

Let's embark on a journey together that will enrich your family life with plenty of ideas without straining your budget.

What are microadventures and why are they ideal for families?

What exactly is hidden behind the term?

Microadventures are short, uncomplicated outdoor experiences that are easy to implement and often start right on our doorstep. They are the opposite of elaborate travel planning and focus on enjoying the immediate moment and seeing the local environment with fresh eyes.

bushcraft mit kindern camp

Let's imagine an ordinary afternoon, as I know it myself: The children are restless, and we long for a spontaneous yet enriching trip into nature.

This is where microadventures come into focus - small adventures that turn staycations into unforgettable experiences.

Due to their simplicity and low costs, they offer an excellent opportunity to playfully explore nature and thus strengthen family bonds.

bushcraft mit kindern

When my two sons asked when we would start the next adventure again, I realized how valuable these shared experiences are.

Microadventures not only strengthen family bonds, but also teach us to see the beauty in the everyday.

For months now, I have been going to the forest every Friday after school - from 1 pm to 6 pm. This has made micro-adventures an important part of our family life.

The Benefits of Nature Adventure for Children and Parents

The child's curiosity and joy of discovery are awakened when the family sets off into the green together.

Through shared outdoor experiences, we not only promote the creativity of our children, but also strengthen family happiness.

Parents and children alike enjoy a break from everyday life, and memories are created through activities such as playing in a stream or hiking through the forest that we will cherish forever.

kindern im wald bei der schatzsuche

Why Microadventures for Kids are Affordable and Easy to Implement

Cost efficiency is an essential part of microadventures in nature. It often doesn't require expensive equipment (here I test equipment), no long journey, and no special preparations.

Such adventures prove that it doesn't take much to explore the world around us. A simple trip into nature can turn into an exciting experience that brings the family together while also saving money.

kindern planschen im bach

100 Microadventure Ideas for All Seasons - The Big List

Are you seeking ideas for your next microadventure? Some adventures are perfect for certain seasons, while others are fun all year round.

Take a look at my adventures in nature. I've packed only great ideas into this huge list!

1. Find a climbing tree and start climbing

Who needs climbing parks when nature provides us with the best climbing frames? The perfect adventure to show children that the best things in life don't need a power outlet.

2. Night Hike: The Mysterious World After Sunset

Nothing brings the family together faster than the quiet rustling in the bushes at night. A flashlight, courage, and maybe a book of ghost stories are all you need.

nachtwanderung mit kindern

3. Pressing Plants: A Herbarium for Young Explorers

"Look, Dad, a four-leaf clover!" - Perfect for keeping luck and showing that science is truly everywhere, even under our feet.

4. Climbing a Mountain (can also be a Tower in the City)

Whether a real mountain or the stairs to the highest slide tower in the park - the summit victory with the family is priceless, especially when you snack once you've reached the top.

5. Follow a stream to its source

An adventure that proves water always flows downhill, and children always run uphill. Pack your rubber boots, it's going to be wet and wild!

bachlauf mit kindern

6. Finding caves and inventing stories about them

"Here lives the cave bear!" - An excursion that shows how our children can turn any dark place into a magical kingdom with a little imagination and a flashlight.

7. Play "Find Your Tree"

A game that proves you don't need a green thumb to feel a deep connection to nature. Two people team up, one gets blindfolded and is then led to a tree. There, they examine the tree and are guided back to the starting position. Then, they open their eyes and the person is allowed to find their tree.

Read more here: 15 forest games that will guarantee fun for your kids in the forest

finden deine baum spiel mit kindern

8. Find a Geocache

Modern treasure hunting (called geocaching) that shows you don't have to be Jack Sparrow to go on a treasure hunt with your family. And yes, sometimes the real treasure is the journey - and the container with the trading items.

9. Building a Natural Loom Frame

Who would have thought that with a few branches and grasses, the most creative artworks can be created? A great way to show children that the best art is not bought in stores, but found in the forest.

10 "Playing The Floor is Lava" - Building an Obstacle Course

Yesterday's living room is out - the forest offers the ultimate lava landscape. Bonus points for any family that manages to make it home without any "burns."

11. Shelter and Hut Building with Children - Little Architects in the Wilderness

"Do not touch, that's the front door!" An adventure that shows that a few branches and leaves are enough to build a family home in the forest.

Read more here: How to Build a Bushcraft Shelter [Guide]

bushcraft kinder shelter

12. Build a Tree Swing

Nothing like heading out into the forest, looking for a sturdy tree with a thick branch. Attach a rope and a stick at the bottom. And then take off! The fun factor is high, and the laughter of the children while swinging is priceless.

13. Build a real raft on a lake

Who needs a boat when you can have a raft? The ultimate adventure for any family who has always wanted to explore the lake like Huckleberry Finn.

floss mit kindern

14. Creating Ice Images

"Look, my ice sculpture is melting!" - A magical way to create art that is as ephemeral as the moment itself. An art project where cold fingers make warm hearts.

15. Organize a nature treasure hunt and then evaluate it

"For the ants, this is a feast, but not so much for us." - A treasure hunt that shows how fascinating nature is and that the best treasure chest is nature itself.

karte von kindern

16. Discovering Birds: Observing the Guardians of the Forest

Armed with binoculars and field guide, every family becomes ornithologists. "Look, a robin!" - and suddenly the forest is full of friends.

Read more here: A guide to approaching bird language and how you can learn to understand birds yourself

17. Walking barefoot along a path and feeling the nature under our feet

"Cold! No, ticklish! Oh no, quite muddy after all!" - A walk that awakens the senses and shows that sometimes the best shoes are not shoes at all.

Read more here: Go barefoot! Several reasons why you should do it today - a treat for body and mind

dreckige kinderfuesse barfusslaufen

18. Cross a (small) river or build a bridge

"Mom, I'm the bridge master!" - An activity that not only shows how to cross water, but also that teamwork can move mountains, uh, bridges.

19. Arranging a picnic outdoors

From sandwiches to apple pie - everything tastes better outside. A picnic that proves that the best ingredient for any meal is a touch of fresh air.

20. Pick berries and prepare something from them (or just snack on them)

"This blackberry was definitely not ripe yet!" - Whether snacking or cooking, freshly picked berries are a hit. And who knows, maybe you'll discover the next family recipe along the way.

kind sammelt beeren

21. Watching the sunset from a hammock

"Look how the clouds turn purple!" - A moment of peace and beauty that shows that for the best things in life, all you have to do is look up.

22. Explore the forest with a flashlight and listen to the sounds of the night

"Was that an owl or Mom saying 'owl'?" A nocturnal adventure that proves the forest leads an entirely different life at night.

23. Building an insect hotel and learning about the local fauna

"Bee check-in this way, please!" - A project that demonstrates how to provide a home for beneficial animals with just a few simple materials.

insektenhotel mit kindern gebaut

24. Leading Each Other Through the Forest - Once with, Once without Blindfold

"Trust me, I won't lead you into the tree." - A trust exercise that shows how different the world looks when you can't see it.

25. Explore the surroundings with a treasure map and hidden clues

"X marks the spot where the treasure of the wilderness is buried." - A treasure hunt that transforms the whole family into explorers.

Recognize Constellations and Tell Myths about Zodiac Signs

"And there, that's the Big Dipper, or as I like to call it: the Big Shopping Cart." - A starry night bringing the family closer to the sky.

orientierung mit den sternen polarstern grosser wagen

27. Start a garbage collection campaign

"Because superheroes sometimes wear gloves to pick up trash, not just to save the world." - An adventure that shows how each of us can make the world a little better.

28. Finding Forest Spirits in the Forest

"If you are quiet, you can hear them whisper." - A magical quest that blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality. (Forest spirits are tree bark, roots, or sticks that resemble figures or faces)


29. Create a barefoot path in the garden and collect sensory experiences

"From grass to mud - a journey for the feet." - An adventure that proves you don't have to go far to experience something new.

30. Collecting Leaves and Creating a Nature Mosaic

"Every leaf tells a story - together they create a work of art." - A creative activity that showcases the diversity of nature.

31. Organize a Family Bivouac in the Garden under the Starry Sky

"Nothing like getting out, the living room under the stars is waiting!" - A night under the open sky that proves the best roof is stars.

32. Making campfire bread and preparing dough

"The trick is to turn it slowly - and then eat it before someone else does." - A campfire evening that shows that happiness is sometimes baked on a stick.

Here is the matching guide for you: Perfect Stock Bread Recipe for Campfire and Grill: simple basic recipe, with and without yeast, and without a stick


33. Animal and Track Identification: A Forest Detective Game

"Do you see the track? That was definitely a... lion! (You know, we have lions here in Berlin)" - A playful way to explore nature and become little detectives along the way.

I have prepared a comprehensive guide for this: Learning to track for beginners (with many picture examples)

tierspuren finden und deuten mit kindern

34. Prepare Firewood and Build a Campfire

"And now everyone together: 'Let's make a fire!'" - The ultimate adventure that shows how to create coziness with sparks and flames.

Here I show you in detail how I make a fire with children: Making a fire with children: Tips for a successful campfire.

feuerstelle steine feuerholz zunder anzuendholz

35. Collecting herbs such as wild garlic, dandelion, chickweed

"Does this taste more like pizza or freedom?" - A culinary journey that proves the best ingredients are not found in the supermarket.

Take a look inside here, for many examples to snack on: Edible Plants: this emergency food can be found in the forest (List + Images)

pflanzen sammeln outdoor aktivitaeten fuer familien

36. Camping with the Kids

"What was that noise? Oh, just Dad snoring." - A night under the stars that shows adventures can start right outside your door. I have written more about it here: Your First Overnighter - A Guide for Beginners in Bushcrafting

37. Searching for and collecting mushrooms

"Look, don't touch - unless it's a chocolate mushroom." - An educational adventure that shows the forest is full of secrets.

Attention: Someone who is really knowledgeable about mushrooms should be present during the activity!

kindern sammeln beeren mit erwachsenen

38. Building and Flying Kites

"The dragon is flying! No, wait, that's me, running." - A breezy delight that sometimes shows a little air is all you need to be happy.

39. Go on a fruit-picking tour

"Apple tree ahead on the left! Ready to board!" - A tour that shows that nature is the best supermarket, especially when the apples come straight from the tree.


40. Cooking a soup outdoors in the forest

"From the fire to the pot, straight into our adventure heart." - A meal that proves the best restaurant has five billion stars.

Check out my hiking recipes.

41. Have a snowball fight

"Strategy is everything - and a secret snowball reserve." - A frosty delight that shows that cold is relative when the family laughs.


42. Identifying and Snacking on Buds

Attention: Only snack on buds that come from edible trees. Take a look here: 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know

43. Ignite Fire with the Fire Steel - Sparking

"Look at me, I am a wizard... or at least a pyrotechnician." - A skill that shows that making fire is more than just lighting a match.

Conclusion: Children love to create sparks. Here is my guide on how to quickly and easily ignite a fire with a fire steel: How to quickly and easily ignite a fire with a fire steel (Guide + Video)

kinder mit feuerstahl

44. Building a Tripod - Basic Structure of Camp Life

"With this tripod, we could almost send a satellite into space - or at least cook our food over it." - A construction project that shows the best tools have three legs and a bit of creativity.

Have fun building with this guide: How to Build a Tripod for Bushcraft and Survival (+Video)

45. Building a Water Filtration System from Natural Materials: Survival Trick for Clean Drinking Water

"And suddenly survival training is part of biology class." - A practical adventure that shows how to conjure drinkable water with sand, gravel, and coal.

Here's how it works: How to Build Your Own Survival Water Filter [Survival Basics]

survival wasserfilter bauen wasser tropft in den becher

46. Making a Water Wheel: Discovering the Power of Water with this Playful Idea

"Look, I've invented electricity! Well, almost." - A refreshing delight that teaches the principles of hydraulics and renewable energies.

47. Making a Sundial: Measuring Time with Nature

48. Casting Animal Tracks: Nature Imprints to Take Home

"This imprint belongs to a dinosaur! Or to dad's shoe?" - A search for clues that combines detective work with a creative twist.

How to get started, you can read about it comprehensively here:

tierspuren giessen 1

49. Map Drawing: Seeing the World Through Your Own Eyes

"Here we encountered the wild squirrel and here the even wilder little brother." - An adventure that combines the art of cartography and storytelling.

50. Carving Wooden Spoons: Experience Traditional Craftsmanship with This Idea

"Now I know why spoons are so expensive." - A carving lesson that teaches patience and is rewarded in the end with a self-made tool.

Of course, there is the appropriate guide for this: Carving Wooden Spoons: How to Get Started and What You Need (Basics)

geschnitzte loeffel und messer von kindern

Read also

The 5 best carving knives for children - and why I do not recommend Opinel knives (+carving guide for parents) – Learn from the wilderness educator and wilderness mentor which knives are best suited for children to use for carving. Are Opinel children's knives really good?

51. Setting up tarps and playing underneath

"Our own castle, waterproof and overlooking the forest." - A construction project that shows that all you need for a bit of privacy in nature is a tarp.

What a tarp is, you can read here: What is a Tarp? [Sizes, Costs, Setup Variants]

kinder unterm tarp sommer

52. Collecting Tinder - What Burns Well?

"This bark here burns like tinder! Because it is tinder." - A fiery experiment that teaches which materials ignite best. Try the tinder best with the fire steel.

Here is a comprehensive list: Collecting and Making Tinder for Making Fire [20+ Examples such as Birch, Fatwood, and Tinder Fungus]

rohrkolben als zunder

53. Obstacle Course for Adventurers

"Mud is the best station!" - A sporty adventure that promotes skill and teamwork, while ruining clothes on the side.

54. Playing Hide and Seek as a Microadventure

"If I don't move, the tree surely won't see me." - A classic game that takes on a whole new dimension in the forest.

But wait! Playing hide and seek can be very diverse. Do you already know these two hiding games? You can also find them, for example, in my annual program "Wildimpuls".

  1. Hide and Seek: One person hides, everyone else counts to 30. When the hider is found, the finder joins the hiding spot. In this game, the seekers suddenly become the hiders.
  2. Eagle Eye: One person counts to 10 while everyone else hides. The seeker must not move from the spot, and everyone else must stay hidden in their spots. If the seeker sees someone, they call out their name or the color of their jacket. If the seeker doesn't find anyone, they close their eyes again and count to 10. During these 10 seconds, everyone must change their hiding spot and get closer to the seeker. No hiding spot can be used by multiple hiders.
verstecken spielen

55. Picnic in the Forest

"The cake tastes somehow more adventurous here." - A culinary adventure that proves that food tastes better outdoors.

56. Organize a Plant Hunt

"Who can find the rare 'sofa plant'? Oh, that only grows indoors." - A playful expedition exploring the diversity of domestic flora.

Many plants and fungi can be found in my "Plants and Fungi" category on my blog.

Winter Survival Pflanzen

57. Performing an outdoor theater

"And the forest becomes the stage, where the leaves are our audience." - A creative adventure that shows that all you need for great dramas is a little imagination.

58. Create a Nature Mandala

"Every leaf a brushstroke, every stone a splash of color." - A meditative art form that captures the beauty of nature in symmetrical shapes.

spiele wald mandala

59. Building a Miniature Village for Gnomes

"Here lives the mayor, and there the... Elf Coffee Shop?" - A construction project that blurs the boundaries between the real and the magical world.

60. Watch a sunset or sunrise

"Whether sunset or sunrise, the show is always first-class." - A moment of silence and admiration that brings us closer to the beauty of the sky.

61. Stay in a cabin overnight

"What's crackling out there? Oh, just the dream of adventures." - A night in the mountain hut that shows that sometimes the greatest adventure lies in sleeping.

We may not have a cabin, but a bushcraft camp in the leased forest
We may not have a cabin, but a bushcraft camp in the leased forest

62. Go on a (multi-day) bike tour

"Chains lubricated, legs ready - our living room suddenly has two wheels." - A tour that wonderfully combines movement, nature, and family time.

63. A Night at the Campsite

"Where is the light switch? Oh right, we're camping." - A night under the open sky that makes camping an unforgettable experience. Especially suitable for families who are just starting out with sleeping outdoors.

mit kindern im wald zelten outdoor

64. Sleeping outside: attic, balcony, garden

"A night under the stars, just a stone's throw away from the fridge." - An overnight stay that shows that adventures are everywhere, even in your own backyard. Or maybe in an old barn in the hay?

65. Plant a tree together

"Every tree is a promise to the future - and a perfect spot for a swing." - A sustainable adventure that shows how to give back to the world. Make sure to visit the tree every year afterwards.

kindern pflanzen baum

66. Full Moon Hike

"At full moon we transform into... Nightwalkers." - A nocturnal adventure that illuminates the mystical side of nature.

wandern sonnenuntergang

67. Swimming in a River

"Cold, clear, and invigorating - the water, not the family council, decides whether we should jump in." - A refreshing pleasure that celebrates the joys of summer.

68. Take an outdoor course

"Survival in the Wilderness - or How to Get By Without Wi-Fi." - A course that demonstrates that learning outside the classroom is the most exciting.

In my guide "5 great Survival Trainings in Germany [with prices]" I have looked at some survival trainings.

fjallraven singi stubben rucksack review

69. Build a Treehouse

"Our Treehouse: Free Wi-Fi through Birdsong." - A project that not only creates a hideaway in the greenery, but also priceless family memories.

70. Have an afternoon tea in the rain under a tarp

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad tarps." - A tea party that proves a little rain doesn't dampen the coziness.

mit kindern im wald untermtarp

71. Camping in your living room

"Wilderness Expedition to the Sofa - Sleeping bags required." - An adventure that shows you don't always have to leave the house for camping.

72. Sunrise hike to a viewpoint

"Early risers are rewarded with the best views - and with tired eyes." - A hike that showcases the beauty of the morning in a new light.

73. Photography Safari

"Hunt wild animals with the camera - it's less dangerous" - An adventure that combines the art of photography with a love for nature. Start with birds, and please remain cautious and respectful towards wildlife.

test review eden fernglas XP 10x56 durch fernglas fotografiert 1

74. Collecting and Painting Stones

"Our stones are works of art that nobody would throw away - hopefully." - A creative activity that shows beauty can be found everywhere, even beneath our feet.

bemalte steine

75. Building and Hanging Birdhouses

"A 5-star hotel for birds, no insects allowed." - A DIY project that brings joy not only to the birds, but also to the family.

76. Rain Hike

"There is no bad weather for a hike, only insufficient mud." - A hike that shows that nature has its charms in any weather.

kleine kindern rennen durch den wald

77. Fossil Hunting

"In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs - or at least the Snails." - A search that brings the past to life and excites young paleontologists.

78. Homemade Natural Cosmetics and Ointments

"From the forest to the bathroom - natural cosmetics that are almost edible." - An adventure that shows how to create beauty products with natural ingredients.

Here you can purchase a PDF guide on how to make resin ointment yourself.

salbe aus pflanzenextrakten 1

79. Playing "Guess the Object"

"I found the squishy mushrooms particularly funny" - A game that sharpens the senses and provides lots of laughs. Put things from the forest into a bag one by one and let the children feel what it could be.

80. Throwing sticks (Kubb / Viking chess)

"Viking Chess: The game where you learn how to strategically throw sticks." - A fun game that promotes skill and tactics.

81. Peel off tree bark

"A tree tattoo on paper - art inspired by the bark." - A simple technique that reveals the diverse patterns and stories of trees.

baumrinde abmalen kinder

82. Outdoor Watercolor Painting

"With every brushstroke, we capture a piece of the sky - or at least a tree." - An artistic pause in nature that shows that every landscape is a masterpiece.

83. Building a Forest Xylophone from Branches

"When the forest becomes the stage, we play the leading role - on wood." - A musical project that takes nature sounds to a new level.

84. Morning Birdsong Walk

"The concert starts at sunrise - the birds are giving their all, and admission is free." - A hike that opens the ear to the music of nature. Especially suitable in spring from March onwards.

vogelsprache lernen grundlagen

85. Weaving Flower Crowns

"Every wreath a crown that connects us with nature." - A flowery crafting session that adorns heads and hearts.

86th Night in an Igloo or Snow Cave

"Not just cold, but also cool - a night in the ice." - A frosty adventure that proves you don't need a warm bed for magical nights.

kinder schauen aus der schneehoehle

87. Searching for Fireflies on a Warm Summer Night

"When the night turns into day, only much more beautiful." - A magical quest that shows that some stars fly very close.

88. Building Snow Forts

"Our snow fort - impregnable until it melts." - A creative snow building activity that promotes teamwork and invites to a grand snowball fight finale.

89. Canoe Tour on a Calm River

"Still waters, profound conversations - and occasionally a water fight." - A tour that combines relaxation and adventure on the water.

Me with my two sons canoeing
Me with my two sons canoeing

Nowadays, you can quickly get into this hobby with a SUP board (stand-up paddling). Under the SUP is understood to mean standing on the board and moving on the water.

90. Making Forest Perfume

"From blossom to scent - the essence of the forest in a bottle." - A creative experiment capturing the aromas of nature. Tip: Look for cherry blossoms in March. And don't steal the bees' first early bloomers.

91st City Nature Safari

"You can go on safari even in the city - wilderness is everywhere." - An exploration that shows nature and city are not contradictory. Look for wild animals and plants in your city.

92. Building Rock Formations

"Every stone a building block, every artwork unique." - Stack stones into artistic formations or small towers. A meditative construction project that promotes concentration and creativity.

93. Dyeing T-Shirts with Plants

"Fashion from nature - each piece is unique." - A colorful project that enriches wardrobes and the environment.

94th Insect Research Day

"Little Crawlers, Big Discoveries - A Day as an Insect Researcher." - An exciting adventure exploring the diversity of small creatures.

ein mann zeigt kindern ein insekt

95. Tree Yoga

"Stand like an oak, flow like a stream." - A yoga session outdoors that strengthens the connection between body, mind, and nature.

96. Conducting Snowball Throwing Competitions

"Strength, coordination, and a bit of icy strategy." - A frosty competition that is not only fun, but also promotes athletic abilities.

97. Outdoor Slackline

"Balancing between two trees - easier said than done." - A balancing act that requires concentration, skill, and lots of laughter.


98. Making Natural Jewelry

"Inspired by nature, handmade with love." - A creative project where jewelry is crafted from natural materials, reflecting the beauty of nature.

99. Collecting and Identifying Winter Wild Herbs

"Not all herbs sleep in winter." - An educational exploration that shows how to use and appreciate the gifts of nature even in the cold season.

I also have the matching guide for this: Food foraging in winter: Over 41 edible plants, nuts, roots

100th Shooting Star Night

"Make a wish - but shh, don't reveal it!" - A night under the stars that invites you to dream and make wishes. Choose a date with lots of shooting stars.

Planning Microadventures with Children

The adventure calls, and as a family, we are ready to answer the call of nature. But before embarking on the small adventure , we should take a moment to plan the trip.

Tips for Microadventures - for an easy implementation of spontaneous nature experiences

Little effort, requires little planning. And even a simple, small outing can bring so much joy. Without time pressure, without restrictions, without complications.

A simple walk through the forest that inspires building a forest tipi or discovering puddles inviting you to jump in - I have realized that magic often lies in simplicity.

So that nothing is missing even on spontaneous outings, here are a few suggestions for the packing list:

  • Take a small bag with provisions and water.
  • Don't forget to pack weather-appropriate clothing for all eventualities (read more here).
  • Bring a simple first aid kit for minor mishaps (here's my guide on that).
  • Flashlight or headlamp for adventures in twilight or night (e.g., the Fenix HM61R v2.0)
  • Fixed knife, such as the Morakniv Safe Pro Carbon, Morakniv Unisex Adult Safe, or the Hultafors Safety Knife SKR (please do not buy an Opinel folding knife for your child!)
  • A camping stove for cooking (I use the one from Primus). Please keep in mind the thermos flask in winter (like this one).
  • Camping utensils, such as pots and cutlery (e.g., the Primus Trek Pot Set)
  • A tarp or tarpaulin to keep you protected (e.g., the Unigear Tarp, here's my guide on that and my best list)
  • Sunscreen as well as insect repellent

Look forward to what may come because every microadventure not only bonds us together - it also helps us and our children grow, thrive, and see the world with eyes full of wonder.

I often have my tarp with me or a hammock
I often have my tarp with me or a hammock

Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes When Preparing for Microadventures

To make preparations so that you are not surprised by unforeseen situations during the microadventure, you should consider the following tips:

  • Check the weather forecast to pack appropriate clothing.
  • Avoid taking too much - this adds weight and does not contribute to the experience.
  • Make sure the equipment is tailored to the needs of all family members.
  • Inform yourself in advance about the local conditions and regulations of the destination.
  • Pack a map or a smartphone with suitable apps for orientation.

Considering these microadventure ideas and with the right equipment, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable family adventure. However, the most important thing is to enjoy quality time in nature and create new memories together.

kindern rennen durch den wald

How to Reflect on Adventures with Children

The shared adventures we experience with our children in the wilderness are more than just outings - they are valuable experiences that contribute to development and growth.

However, to truly benefit from these experiences, it is advisable not only to experience them but also to reflect on them.

This reflection helps us to process, understand, and learn from the events. It promotes self-awareness, strengthens family or group bonds, and allows us to delve deeper into the experiences.

These moments of exchange allow everyone to share their feelings and thoughts, which is especially valuable for children as they learn to put their experiences into words and listen to what others have to say.

It enhances the sense of belonging and shows that every opinion and experience matters.

I therefore recommend the following at the end of the day:

  • Take a moment, if possible, to go outside. The fresh air and natural surroundings enhance the feeling of connection with nature and each other.
  • Invite all children and adults to come to a place of stillness (close eyes, take 3 deep breaths). This helps center the moment and prepares everyone to share and listen.
  • Afterward, each person takes turns to share what was particularly great and also what was not so great. This promotes honesty and shows that it's okay to have mixed feelings.
  • Everyone else in the circle listens without interrupting the speaker. This practices respect and active listening.
kinder machen lagerfeuer

And if you still have some energy left and some concentration, ask yourselves the following questions in a circle:

  • Where do you like to be the most?
  • What do you like about yourself?
  • What did you learn today?
  • What did you not expect today?
  • What was the best part of the day?

These questions not only help to reflect on the day, but also promote self-reflection and positive thinking.

They allow us to dive deeper into our experiences and understand them on a more personal level. This way, adventures become not only memories, but also lessons that we learn for life.

With Children in Nature - Why It's So Important

When I was out with my family the other day, I was once again reminded of how irreplaceable time in nature is for all of us.

Nature connection is essential not only for children from toddler age to teenagers, but also for us parents.

In a world where screens and concrete often dominate everyday life, nature offers an essential balance and a source of relaxation and strength.

It is scientifically proven that time outdoors significantly promotes mental health and reduces stress.

  1. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system and supports a healthy development of children.
  2. In the great outdoors, they can recharge their batteries and let their sense of discovery run wild.
  3. At the same time, they playfully learn to deal with risks and their motor skills are promoted.
Children love collecting things outside
Children love collecting things outside

But not only the children benefit from spending time outdoors. We as parents also feel how we recharge our energy and how valuable this shared family time is for mutual understanding and family cohesion.

Nature provides the perfect backdrop for all of us to leave behind the often hectic everyday life and focus on the essentials.

Why is that?

It's quite simple: We humans are nature and we belong in nature.

That's not difficult to understand, isn't it? Children get it right away - it's just us adults who have our difficulties with it.

The modern society with all its technology, stress, and noise shows us how vital it is to break routines and to explore new paths together as a family.

A microadventure, whether it's building a leaf hut or cozying up by the campfire, allows us to pass on simple values and demonstrate responsible behavior.

Not only do we create unforgettable memories, but we also fulfill our responsibility as parents: to teach our children respect for nature and inspire them to discover and nurture their connection to it.

Making popcorn outside is a perennial favorite
Making popcorn outside is a perennial favorite

How to Inspire Your Children for Microadventures - Your Role as a Parent

To inspire children for adventures in the forest, you should consider a few things. I would rather not point fingers, so understand the tips as an invitation to question your actions.

Here are some educational tips to help you create an unforgettable microadventure with your children:

My most important advice: Your interest

Be a role model. Join in.

It's very simple. Here's my invitation to you:

Be a child yourself. Be curious. Laugh, sing, jump, run, craft, collect, hide, be silly, jump in puddles.

What you should avoid ... uh no, must avoid (I have to express it so strongly): laziness, bad mood, demotivation, nagging.

If you display such behavior, don't be surprised if your children turn out the same. Criticizing them for such behavior would be quite unfair.

I know myself that this is not always easy and we adults have countless things on our minds that still need to be done. That is all understandable and also legitimate - but these hours should also be a break for you!

From the age of 6, my children's interest in carving increased massively
From the age of 6, my children's interest in carving increased massively

If you notice that you are annoyed or cannot afford a microadventure right now, then postpone it. It's probably for the best.

Maybe try to break free from everyday rules, so that the red lights don't immediately come on when your pants are dirty, someone is starving, or constantly bombards you with questions.

They are children - and children need time to explore the world, to learn, to participate.

Here are some more tips for you:

Integration and Participation

  • Put yourself in your child's shoes: Consider your children's wishes and interests when planning. If your child is fascinated by trolls, plan a "troll hunt".
  • Decide together: Involve your children in decisions, such as choosing the destination or activities. This promotes their engagement and interest.

Safety and Trust

  • Set boundaries: Give your children space to explore, but define clear limits to ensure their safety.

Flexibility and Openness

  • Letting go of goals: Avoid wanting to cover too many kilometers. The focus should be on the experience and the time spent together.
  • Nature as a playground: Recognize the value of nature as an unstructured space that offers endless possibilities for creative play.

Age and Participation

  • Age-appropriate planning: From 4 years old, you can actively involve your child in the planning. From 7 years old, they can help plan the route and get creative with cooking. During puberty, it is important to pay attention to your child's individual space and needs.
  • Recognizing needs: Make sure your child is truly interested in the activities by asking questions and seeking their opinion.

Preparation and Organization

  • Create Offers: Plan a framework for the adventure that allows room for creativity, such as crossing a stream or building a dwarf house.
  • Use Lists: Create packing and shopping lists to stay organized and avoid stress on the day of the adventure.

By following these tips, you will create a foundation for positive and educational experiences in nature that will bring joy not only to the children but also to you.

kinder schleichen im wald

Conclusion: Microadventures for families are incredibly valuable

The journey through the world of microadventures is coming to an end, and it is clear how these small breaks can have a big impact on our family life.

The simple escape from everyday life through micro-adventures allows us to experience the same freedom and wonder that we seek on long journeys, and all affordably and in our immediate surroundings.

The positive effects that such experiences have on our physical and mental health are immeasurable.

kinder rennen im wald mit shelter

The positive effects of regular microadventures

Whether we creatively explore nature and gather many new ideas or cook together over the campfire - microadventures offer a wealth of opportunities.

They weld us together as a family. Playfully, they show us the value of shared experiences.

These little adventures are a real adventure for the mind and promote bonding by helping us to better understand and appreciate each other.

For many more ideas, I recommend that you dive into the following guides:

Take care, Martin
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